How Consumers Respond to False Declines, CNP Fraud in The Ticketing Industry & more



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Consumer Impact of False Positive Declines

New white paper reveals scope of false declines, provides insights into consumer reactions & offers advice to merchants.
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An Intro to CNP Fraud In the Ticketing Industry

This special report examines fraud patterns in event ticket sales - when fraudsters are more likely to hit, which events they target & more.
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True Price of False Declines

Did you know that 1 in 6 US consumers had their card wrongly rejected last year? Want to know which consumers are more likely to be declined and how many of them vow never to return to the merchant?
Register for our webinar to learn what can you start doing today to stop turning away good customers! We share results of research conducted into US consumers & will provide actionable tips for reducing false declines.

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Try the Cost of Fraud Calculator!

We’re extremely excited to announce the launch of the Cost of Fraud CalculatorThe calculator, built collaboratively by Riskified and the MRC, helps merchants better understand the true financial impact of fraud on their business.

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