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Behavioral Economics & Your Fraud Operations

Think you're making good decisions when it comes to managing fraud? Make sure you aren't being influenced by these common psychological biases  
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A Surprising Tactic to Drive International Sales

Identifying reshippers & understanding their legitimate use cases will allow you to grow your revenue and to boost cross-border eCommerce.   
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What Is Chargeback Insurance?

What Riskified's insurance covers (and what it doesn’t cover) and how can we afford to guarantee all approved orders in case of fraud.  
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Merchant Spotlight - Ghurka:

Justin Sellman, VP eCommerce at US luxury leather goods retailer Ghurka, shares his tips for building a strong brand & providing a great online experience. 
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Riskified Summer Boot Camp
What: Prep your fraud team for the holidays
How: Attend our boot camp webinar series! 
: August 2015
"Building & Maximizing Your Fraud Team"

Couldn't join our live webinar? Keep calm and watch the recording.
Learn how to hire, train and develop professional fraud analysts!
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