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Over the last few months we have focused on getting ready to offer Fab Academy in the two Fab Labs we initiated and created in 2015. Through public private partnerships, Fab Lab Ajaccio and Fab Lab Yachay opened their doors in 2015 and this year are hosting Fab Academy 2016.

We were also thrilled with the inauguration of Fab Lab Corte, the second Fab Lab in Corsica.

It has been a wonderful journey with the support of the Fab Network and creative local teams.

I invite you to learn more about these three new Fab Labs. We would be delighted to welcome you there the next time you are traveling in Europe or Latin America!

Thank you,
- Simone Amber, Fab Lab Connect Co-Founder

Fab Lab Yachay is now part of the Global Network of Digital Manufacturing. We are excited to have them Connected to the Fab Network. The celebration today was a great success with participation from many prominent representatives!

Fab Academy 2016 Started!

The year has begun and Fab Academy 2016 is underway! Fabbers around the world are meeting with Neil Gershenfeld from MIT online to learn how to build almost anything. With over 600 Fab Labs in 80 countries, the network is growing rapidly every year.
Fab Lab Corte Inauguration in Corsica  

Where the past meets the future. Inauguration of Fab Lab Corte /University of Corsica. This cutting edge Fab Lab is located in the historical Palazzu Naziunale, which housed the first University in Corsica in 1765.

We think that what we do is only a drop in the ocean. But without this drop the ocean would be missing something.

-Mother Teresa

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