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Build rich donor profiles and target them with the right message at the right time. Get real results!



Connect with constituents on email, social, direct mail and face to face.



Increase online/offline donations with tools that are fast, flexible and easy-to-use.



Leverage analytics and optimization tools to enhance your fundraising performance.

Target: Increase Your Relevance

Target Supporters

Target: Increase Your Relevance

Know your supporters with the industry’s richest donor profiles. Target with easy to use segmentation and grouping techniques based on demographics, giving level, location, etc. Apply different strategies based on where they are in the development cycle.

By understanding what’s important to your supporters, Salsa empowers you to engage supporters about what’s most relevant to them.  Whether it’s dog topics to animal lovers, nutrition information to the health conscious, or environmental tips to conservationists, relevant content is the key to improved communication. The more you know your supporter, the more personalized your interactions will be.

Target: Increase Your Relevance

Rich Donor Profiles

Understanding your donors is the key to effectively segmenting and targeting them with relevant content and timely communications.

Manage all your donor contact information in one place, track all online and offline historical interactions, and score your donors based on their social media behavior. Add an unlimited number of custom data elements, track specific supporter information, and tailor the system to meet your organization's needs.


Target: Increase Your Relevance

Built-in Segments

With the deep understanding you can gain of your supporters, you can now create advanced segments within the system, allowing you reach exactly the right group of people with the specific messaging that will resonate with them.

Salsa comes with pre-built best practice segments for major donors, LYBUNT, SYBUNT, prospects who haven't donated, first time donors, and many, many more. 

You can configure these pre-built segments to match your needs. For example, set the "major donor" segment threshold to $200, and anytime a donor crosses that mark, the system will automatically add the them to the "major donor" segment.


Target: Increase Your Relevance

Custom Segments

Our built-in segments will save you countless hours and enable you to target quickly and effectively. However, every organization has unique requirements for custom lists.

You can build segments through simple rules and configurations, or you can create combinations of advanced queries and groups within groups.  The power and flexibility is right at your fingertips.

You can segment your supporters by professional network, demographic, gift size, location, campaign, fund, appeal, giving capacity or any other data point.

Prebuilt, custom, dynamic, no matter how you want to segment your supporters, Salsa makes it easy, powerful and effective.


Target: Increase Your Relevance

RFM Segmentation

Recency, frequency, monetary analysis and segmentation can help you slice and dice your donor list so that you're maximizing return on your fundraising investment. Uncover who has donated in the last three months, who has given twice in the last year, or who has contributed over $500. 

Salsa's easy to use query wizard puts you in the driver seat, giving you total control over your lists, and allowing you to group constituents for targeted cultivation.

RFM Segmentation

Target: Increase Your Relevance

Augment Targeting with Wealth Screening

Integrate Salsa CRM with your favorite wealth intelligence tools such as WealthEngine and DonorSearch that will identify constituents ready for major gift cultivation.

According to DonorSearch, individuals who have made a gift of $5k – $10k to a nonprofit are 5 times more likely to make a large charitable donation elsewhere.

Uncover hidden giving potential from right inside your database. With deeper insights into your contact database, you’ll prospect smarter, not harder.


Connect: Broaden Your Reach


Connect: Broaden Your Reach

Once you have identified the right people to target, it’s critical to connect with them via the most effective channels. In today’s multi-channel world, seamless, personalized communication between offline and offline channels is a must-have. 

Cut through the noise and clutter with precisely relevant messaging. Reach your donors where they are via email, social, mobile, direct mail, telephone or in-person. Create, edit and publish all your communications on one unified platform.

Connect: Broaden Your Reach

Email Marketing

Create compelling email messages with virtually unlimited design options using our drag and drop functionality, easy to use editors, and styling tools. Produce custom email layouts, A/B test design elements, and use Salsa's in-app spam checker to ensure your subject lines and email content will reach your recipients inboxes.

In a mobile centric world, over half of your supporters will be reading your messages on a mobile device. Salsa's system ensures that your messages are mobile friendly and even lets you preview your message on desktop, tablet, or phone right in the system before you send. Mobile optimization means more messages get read - which means better fundraising performance for you.

Email Marketing

Connect: Broaden Your Reach

Social Media Marketing

Social sharing features make it easy for your fans to spread the word and support your cause via Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. Connect your social accounts to Salsa and publish posts or tweets without ever leaving the platform.

Need to get a post out right away? Quickly and easily create posts and tweets with direct integration to calls to action. Need to plan ahead? Schedule posts and tweets in advance to make sure you keep your messaging and brand front and center at the optimal day/time for engagement.



Connect: Broaden Your Reach

Direct Mail

Craft direct mail letters and merge segmented lists with address labels or envelopes from inside Salsa CRM. Send batch or one-off thank you letters and personalize individual letters in a batch with custom fields before sending.

Within each donor profile, you can log your donor's prefered contact method (email, direct mail, phone, in person), track correspondance frequency preferences, and store multiple addresses for donors with seasonal homes. Ensure your mailings reach your constituents at the right time and place!


Connect: Broaden your reach

Automated Welcome Series

Welcome your brand new supporters with a series of pre-scheduled emails that further educates them on your cause and shares other relevant content. These welcome series emails are automatically triggered workflows that start when a brand new contact shows interest by opting in to your email list.

This marketing automation saves you time, multiplies your ability to connect with your donors in a timely, relevant manner, and has a proven track record of increased ROI.

According to Experian, standard promotional emails have a 0.06 percent response rate and earn $0.06 in revenue per email while “Thanks for joining us” emails that kick off a welcome series have a 0.95 percent response rate and earn $1.29 in revenue per email.

Welcome Series

Convert: Raise More Money


Convert: Raise More Money

After targeting and connecting with your donors, it's time to make the ask. Deliver a compelling case for support and a bold call to action. Make it easy for your donors to give with online donations forms, online event registration, auction checkout and bulk check entry. Salsa makes it easy to create, manage, and analyze fundraising efforts.


Convert: Raise More Money

Online Donation Forms

Accept all types of donations including one-time and recurring gifts, “In Memory Of” and “In Honor Of” giving, multiple giving levels, and matching gifts through our Double the Donation integration. Add custom fields to donation forms to supplement your donor profiles.

Mobile devices accounted for 14% of online giving in 2015. Customize your mobile-ready donation forms using Salsa's simple drop and drag tools. Build unlimited forms and integrate them seamlessly with your website by embeding forms on landing pages, light-boxes, or widgets.

Create branded donation forms in a matter of minutes with drag and drop configuration. Configure options and adjust the look and feel to match your organization. Insert images and information to create compelling asks.

Donation forms are seamlessly hosted for you as stand alone pages but can also be embedded securely as a widget anywhere you can publish HTML.

Donation Forms

Convert: Raise More Money

Gift Receipts and Acknowledgments

Thanking your donors is the first step to cultivating meaningful lifelong relationships. 

Automatically acknowledge online gifts with automated receipt emails that carry forward your branding and all the relevant information your donors need. In addition, you can create mail merge offline gift acknowledgments to personally thank those special donors who need that extra touch.

No matter how the gifts come in, or the acknowledgments go out, Salsa's system helps you automatically track a donor’s progress and can dynamically move them into the appropriate segment, thus reigniting the Target, Connect, Convert process.

Gift Receipt.png

Convert: Raise More Money

Event Registration and Management

For all your fundraising events, Salsa can help you boost registrations, streamline auction checkouts, and increase event ROI.

Using Salsa’s same easy to use drag and drop system, you can create branded event pages that support unlimited registration levels and pricing, additional merchandise purchases, and memorial or gifts in honor.

Use automated receipts to show registration amount and even give your donors the tax deductible amount.

For your event staff, Salsa has supporting tools to manage RSVP lists, event task tracking, and sponsorship process all in one integrated system.


Event Registration Form

Convert: Raise More Money

Membership Management

Configure unlimited membership types and customize tiers packages. Track start date, end dates, and renewals. Promote online membership pages to reduce data entry and drive website engagement, then easily accept membership payments online.

Segment specific groups for targeted email and direct marketing of promotions and discounts to existing or expired memberships. Send renewal reminders via mail and email right from Salsa.

Membership Management

Convert: Raise More Money

Cultivate Major Gifts with Moves Management

Create step-by-step workflows for converting specific prospects into major contributors to your cause.

Moves Management automates the cultivation process so your major gift officers can spend more time nurturing donors with giving capacity and less time searching for them.

Segment your supporters into targeted lists, track contacts in each stage, set priorities, assign solicitors, and receive past due alerts. Elevate the value of each interaction as you move prospects through each step and cultivate them for a major gift.


Optimize: Improve Your Results


Optimize: Improve Results

Rich analytics and reporting help you continuously improve at each step of the fundraising process. A/B testing, dashboard insights, and embedded best practices help you optimize your outcomes while queries provide you detailed data for longterm strategic planning.

Understand what is working and what needs improvement. Be nimble and responsive with real time information.  Use Salsa to identify areas of opportunity and quickly adjust strategies and optimize your approach.

Optimize: Improve Your Results

Analytics & Reporting

As you continually analyze your online and offline fundraising campaigns, Salsa's intuitive built-in reports deliver the "at a glance" dashboard insights you need.

Choose from abundant reports on advocacy, fundraising, events, and more. Save your preferred reports for easy access and export your data for further analysis in Excel or reconciliation in Quickbooks.

Copy and edit pre-built reports or build your own from scratch with a flexible reporting framework designed to give you options for fields, conditions, and filters. Use your reports to understand trends with your campaigns and to make improvements for ongoing optimized.


Analytics and Reporting

Optimize: Improve Your Results

Campaigns, Funds, and Appeals Designation

Salsa's intuitive fundraising software lets you track the performance and financial success of a campaign, fund, or appeal over time.

By tagging charitable donations to their original source, you'll be able to measure ROI from past development efforts and intelligently strategize for the future.

Campaigns Funds and Appeals

Optimize: Improve Your Results

A/B Testing

Guess work is over. With A/B testing in Salsa, you can compare two versions of a message in real time and continually fine tune your messages over time.

Launch your A/B test by sending variations of messages to random samples of your chosen audience. Analyze the results of each message and pick a winner manually, or automate the process and let the system determine the winner based on your criteria and automatically send the winning message to the balance of the list.


Optimize: Improve Your Results

Task Management

Understaffed and overworked? You're not alone. Let Salsa's task management make your staff more efficient and focused on the most important development activities.

Assign prospecting tasks to different members of your donor development staff. Then, set up task reminders for yourself and for them that go right to your email. Nurturing opportunities will never slip through the cracks again!

Task reminders are ideal for project management. Setting deadlines for event planning? Need to follow up on a corporate sponsorship opportunity? Task reminders are flexible and useful for successfully moving any project from start to finish.

Task Management

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