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[CONTACT.FIRSTNAME]: You are pre-approved for tech liability insurance designed specifically for [Business Name]! Check out our 1-min application process…

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It’s easy to think you’re covered when you’ve purchased insurance. But when your company is a technology business, like [Business Name], that isn’t always the case.

That’s because many business liability policies are written by agents who may not have a thorough understanding of technology companies and write with carriers who provide technology-specific coverage. SafetyTek is a technology liability insurance program designed with businesses like yours in mind.


Because tech business have unique needs, SafetyTek has equally unique coverage- coverage that most traditional liability policies don’t offer.

For example, if you’re the victim one of these, will your current insurance cover it? SafetyTek does.

Denial of Service Attack
Hacker Attack
Malicious Code
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Do yourself a favor and take out your current policy. Does it cover— or even mention coverage for things like:

Unauthorized Access & Use
Personal information theft
Privacy protection regulation
Data breach fundse

SafetyTek addresses coverage for all these and more.

As a technology business owner or manager, how can you afford the liability of leaving these critical technology issues unaddressed?

The good news— this is easily remedied when you work with [Agency]. We specialize in serving technology businesses and are certified SafetyTek representatives. Better yet, we’ve already gone to the trouble to pre-underwrite [Business Name]!


So, your application process will be simple and painless!

Visit [website] today to complete a 1-minute SafetyTek application... and get a FREE [offer] if you reply by [date]

1 Minute Application

Buying the right technology liability insurance has never been easier— call us or complete your application today!

Thank you in advance for your consideration.


John Doe,

Company Inc.