Our clients are doing business in:

- Sweden - Finland - Norway - Denmark - Iceland - United Kingdom - France - Italy - Germany - Austria -
- Spain - Portugal - Switzerland - United States - Quwait - South Korea - China - Ghana - South Africa -


of smaller companies go bankrupt due to lack of record-keeping, poor financial skills and non-payment of taxes.

(Kaplan and Morton)


of failing startups claim “running out of cash” as the reason they failed, 18% claim “cost issues”.



of companies "fly blind" without any real planning, budgeting and forecasting.


Our focus is on companies propelled by design, technology and innovation:

- Fashion and design industries - Film and media production industries - Gaming Industry -
- Advertising and communication industries - Hardware industries - IT industries -

Are you willing
to bet your company’s future
on not managing your finances right?

We provide:
/ Pre-operational financial information & strategy /
/ Operational work with executive team, key investors, clients, banks and suppliers /
/ Post-operational information & tax compliance / Turn-around cases / Financial negotiations /
/ Professional Investor Relations / Investment pitching and strategy /
/ Multi-client experience / Executive level experience / Creative & tech company operational experience /
/ Flexible contracts and scalable service /


Our vision:
Cedarwood is committed to providing top class financial services for companies and innovators to accelerate
their business growth, achieve better results and adapt to the fast-paced global market.


see an increase in focus on the core business when using outsourced finances, an important key to successful business development and growth.



higher increase in sales growth. That’s what smaller companies see when using outsourced financial services that also provide strategic planning.



increase in survical rate for smaller companies if they use outsourced financial services and planning


We’re proud of creating real value for our clients:
In our initial Cedarwood Financial Assessment we save our clients an avarage of 5.000 - 10.000 Euro.
46% of our clients refer us to a minimum of 2 fellow entrepreneurs within 6 months.

Cedarwood Financial

In our Cedarwood Financial Assessment we save our clients an avarage of 5.000 - 10.000 Euro. Do you know what you’re over-paying for?

Cedarwood CFO

A part time CFO ready to start improving your finanical stability within 2 weeks. Flexible contracts. 1/4 of the price of a fulltime CFO.

Take control over your companies finances and future.

Pitch feedback

We look at over 300 pitches per year and help our clients do investment deals and loans with venture capitalists, credit institutes, government grants and banks.

How much is it worth to you getting the that investment?