Sales pitches don’t work. Stories do.

Content is the key to positioning yourself as a trusted industry expert. Funnel Amplified and ContentBacon have teamed up to end the struggle of creating it.

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Eight seconds. That’s how much time you have to catch an internet user’s attention. If you succeed at that, the average person will only read 28% of words on a web page.

Are you still with us?

In today’s competitive digital landscape, traditional advertising and sales pitches are largely ineffective. Consumers are distracted and protective of their time.

Consequently, if your brand wants to have a strong voice, you have to offer value in the form of informative, entertaining, or educational content.

How do you craft a steady stream of compelling material that is consistent with your brand’s reputation and intended message when you’re busy, you know, actually working?

You let us do it.

We create fresh, exciting content that tells your story and catches the attention of search engines as well as potential customers, so you can get back to what you do best.


Tell Your Story:

Monthly Content Creation Subscription

It takes more than just words on a page; effective content marketing requires a well-researched strategy. We help develop the voice of your brand, the messages that appeal to your audience, and a plan to transform content into conversions.

Our month-to-month subscription service includes strategic planning, thoughtful content, engaging social media, and email communication that fosters connection.

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Optimize Your Profile:

A LinkedIn Profile Makeover

It’s hard to stand out from the crowd on LinkedIn. Although we should each be our own best advocate, sometimes we don’t have the objectivity to understand what makes us interesting and appealing as a professional.

So, we ask you a bunch of questions and figure out what makes you different, and then we transform your LinkedIn profile until you shine as brightly as you should. Here’s what we do:

  • Craft a professionally-written, styled, optimized LinkedIn personal profile that boosts your brand, builds confidence, and attracts opportunities
  • Make sure your photo is displayed prominently
  • Create and upload a cover image
  • Make sure all key sections are written and filled out to brand you uniquely
  • Offer a LinkedIn “Do-It-Yourself” Game Plan on what you should be doing daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly to increase your connections
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Words Gone Live:


People love video content, but it’s hard to orchestrate without a production company. We turn eight of your blog posts into high quality, compelling videos for use on your website, social media, email campaigns, and landing feeds.

Every blog to video package includes:

  • Storyboard outline of the blog to video plan
  • Graphics/video
  • Overlay text
  • Customized intro/outro with logo
  • Upload to YouTube or Vimeo channel with optimized titles, descriptions, and tags
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We specialize in creating compelling content, without creating extra work for you to manage.

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