The Dentist's Guide to
Point-of-Sale Financing
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Modern Point-of-Sale
Financing patients has evolved - and you deserve a provider that works with you to grow your practice with better payouts and more approvals.
The Power of Payments
Which would you rather pay - $1,670 upfront, or $42 a month? That simple question is what makes financing attractive to many patients.
How it Helps Patients
Financing allows for more flexibility because it doesn’t affect the person’s credit limit on their existing credit cards.
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How To Grow Your Practice With
Better Patient Financing
Patient Clicks Link
Your patient clicks our link or banner on your website and fills out our online credit application.
Patient Applies
Once they submit an application,  they will receive a decision in less than 1 minute.
Get Notified
If they are pre-approved, you’ll receive an email stating, “(First Name) (Last Name) has been approved!”
Monitor Applications
You can monitor the status of all patient applications from our loan portal.
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“We love using LendingUSA to finance our specialty treatments and procedures. Thanks to them, we no longer have to lose hundreds of dollars every time a patient chooses financing. They also help our patients pay for many of our more expensive procedures. Bottom line: LendingUSA approves more patients and helps us save money!"
Dr. Prashant Kaushik, DMD
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