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Ryan Scott
By Ryan Scott
on April 02, 2020

“We got one!”

I still remember the excitement on the CEO’s face as he burst out of his office into the small front room we called the entryway. Well, this was where my desk was, too.
We had four rooms in our small Redmond, WA office. There was the CEO’s office, and then another office for our development team - by team, I mean one guy who managed a bunch of outsourced developers. And we had a conference room with cheap whiteboards on every wall.

Then, there was my office. I mean, the entryway.

Taped to just about every wall and window were the “flows” -- printed paper showing my funnels for growing this small startup into a huge success.

We closed the doors a month later.

Ryan Scott
By Ryan Scott
on March 31, 2020

Remember when Periscope was the thing?

I know Periscope is alive and well. But, back a few years ago, if your brand wasn’t on Periscope, you were a dinosaur!

That lasted like 5 minutes.

Then, SnapChat!

You have to be on SnapChat or you lose.

Popular marketing gurus were pushing SnapChat every time they opened their mouth. Now, it’s TikTok… but I’ll not jump on my soapbox of how stupid that idea is.

My point is, every year we are inundated with new gimmicks and tricks for growing a brand. And every year, the previous gimmick goes into the garbage can.

A lot of great marketers are throwing their hands up and asking, “will someone please just show me something that works?” Today is your lucky day.

Ryan Scott
By Ryan Scott
on March 26, 2020

Understanding Growth Marketing Agency Pricing in 2020

Do you know what the medieval blacksmith and the 2020 growth marketing agency have in common?

Services have always competed on price, at least to a degree. And they always will.

Growth marketing agencies are always coming up with creative ways to price their services. But, at the end of the day, it comes down to the question of results and time. And, for some agencies you don’t want to work with, it boils down to time only.

You would think after hundreds of years, it would be more than that. But, it really isn't.

The issue is, most marketing agencies have gotten really good at hiding the fact that they are charging hourly rates.

The really good marketing agencies have figured out the two-pronged formula of results plus time. And, these agencies are the ones who have successfully escaped the hourly quagmire.

Which one is the best fit for your business?

Tyler Naples
By Tyler Naples
on March 19, 2020

Trying to manage a web project is kind of like herding a bunch of cats – just when you think you have everything under control, an unforeseen issue emerges, and the entire project is sent into a downward spiral.


For this reason, your SaaS organization absolutely needs to invest in the very best of the best web design solution. Many of the industry's best SaaS web design solutions are purpose-built to help your team navigate complex roadblocks with ease.

So, which solutions should your team prioritize on the path to success?

As an industry-leading growth team, we've seen our fair share of SaaS web design solutions come and go. In this article, we've compiled a comprehensive list of the top web design solutions that your SaaS brand should consider this year.

Tyler Naples
By Tyler Naples
on March 17, 2020

"If we just redesigned our website, all of our problems will disappear."

As an industry-leading growth team, we hear this kind of thing all the time.

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but a website redesign will not solve all of your problems. The worst part is that this kind of thinking can cost your business hundreds or maybe even thousands of dollars per year.

There are a hundred other conversion problems that you're probably not thinking about. The good news? We've compiled a comprehensive list of the top five things your businesses needs to "figure out" before redesigning your website.

Tyler Naples
By Tyler Naples
on March 12, 2020

The most successful businesses and startups commit to ongoing growth.

However, this is easier said than done. There are significant roadblocks that prevent even the most ambitious organizations from achieving their goals.

So, what does this all mean for your business or startup?

In recent years, horizontal and vertical growth have become go-to growth strategies for many of the world's leading brands. In most instances, these growth strategies have produced amazing results.

So, what's the benefit of a horizontal vs. vertical growth strategy, and which approach is right for your unique business or startup?

As an industry-leading growth team, we've helped deserving brands level up. We'll explain the pros and cons of horizontal vs. vertical growth so you can select the right growth strategy for your business.

Tyler Naples
By Tyler Naples
on March 10, 2020

Why does it seem like your competitors are always one step ahead?

It's incredibly frustrating, isn't it?

The good news is that you're not alone. As an industry-leading growth team, we've worked alongside SaaS businesses and startups just like yours. And as a trusted growth partner, we're here to tell you that your brand has everything it needs to outpace the competition in no time at all. 

It almost sounds too good to be true, right?

To unlock rapid growth, you need to invest in the right SaaS growth strategies.

Chris DuBois
By Chris DuBois
on March 05, 2020

If someone told you automated emails have 119% higher click rates than broadcast emails, they'd probably have your attention, right?

It almost sounds too good to be true. Increased engagement without additional work?

 Well, if you understand how to apply trigger-based email marketing to your strategy, impressive results are only a few automations away.

Stephen Coursen
By Stephen Coursen
on March 03, 2020

I bet if you have a B2B or startup lead capture website, at one point or another, you’ve been disappointed by your conversion rate.

It happens to a lot of brands. Despite having a decent flow of traffic, your site visitors just aren’t doing what you want them to do. And despite trying a variety of conversion rate optimization tactics, it doesn’t budge.

You’re not alone. Only around 22% of businesses are happy with the conversion rate on their lead capture websites. And since improving your conversion rate can prove to be such a challenge, it’s easy to rationalize low performance with thoughts like:

We just need to get more traffic. Our conversion rate will eventually go up.

Let’s keep testing and making tweaks. Eventually, it will change.

When you think about it, a 2% conversion rate isn’t terrible. Maybe we need to accept it.

In my experience, if you’re doing one particular thing wrong, your conversion rate will stay where it is. It might even decrease. And if you continue to do this one thing, neither an increase in traffic or continuing to test and make tweaks will help you.

Honestly, it will probably make things worse.

Melissa Randall
By Melissa Randall
on February 27, 2020

I'm devastated...

...National Geographic might go out of business.

It's a shame because National Geographic is one of my favorite brands. It makes it worse that all of my other favorite brands, like Lipton's and Campbell's Soup are also on the hook. And it's even more disappointing because each brand has it within their power to prevent their demise.

What am I talking about, right? Those brands aren't bankrupt or permanently shuttering their doors, right? In a literal way, no. But all of these brands have the potential of becoming obsolete. And unless you're following these brand positioning tips, your brand is at risk, too. Because now, branding is more than a glossy label, catchy tagline, and long-lasting reputation. Branding is the entire customer experience, their perception of you, and your place in the market.

It's not enough that your customer has always used your tea, binged your nature content, or relied on your product to make their business function. You need more. And if you’re not ready or capable of doing that, there’s a hungrier, more motivated business owner in your area of expertise who will.

Stephen Coursen
By Stephen Coursen
on February 25, 2020

When you consider a website design, there are a few options on the table.

You could tackle the website design in-house.

You could hire a team of freelancers.

Or, you could hire an agency or a professional web design company.

If it’s your first time hiring an agency or professional company, it can be intimidating.

You’re putting the success of your business in someone else’s hands, so there’s a lot to consider.

How much will the website cost?

How much experience does the agency have?

Of course, when you ask any company these questions, they’ll answer them correctly. Similar to when you go on a job interview, design companies pretty much know what questions you'll ask them, and learn how to answer those questions with confidence. That's why you need to dig deeper.

Otherwise, you may hire a company that won’t deliver the type of website you really need.

Stephen Coursen
By Stephen Coursen
on February 20, 2020

When you're a startup building a new website, there are a lot of directions you could go. You could invest heavily in graphic design. You can go minimal with a three or four-page site. But in my experience, if you're a startup seeking long-term growth, you need something more strategic. 

As a growing business, your website needs to be an extension of your team, not only an interactive billboard. That's why the best startup website design requires a buyer journey, an agile mindset, and a robust COS. 

Stephen Coursen
By Stephen Coursen
on February 18, 2020

There are a million ways to make a call-to-action. But how do you create a call to action that's going to get clicks? It's a question that anyone with a website asks.

To start, you need a firm offer and a landing page with exceptional copy. Once you have those assets in place, you can experiment with various tactics to get more

Chris DuBois
By Chris DuBois
on February 13, 2020

A surprisingly large number of HubSpot users don't realize the true power of the tools they have access to.

We're talking customer service tools, marketing channels, sales pipelines, and more. They're powerful because these tools let you execute and optimize your strategy instead of working on the vehicle the whole time.

To make it easier for you to see what's available, we've built a list of the seven tools that can give your business a noticeable boost in performance. And, if you make full use of them, you may find an exponential difference in the ROI.

Chris DuBois
By Chris DuBois
on February 11, 2020

While so many companies fight to multiply their content production, there's a proven tactic that can separate you from the pack.

You see, mass-producing content is becoming the norm. The SERPs are saturated with content created just to steal someone's attention, but they're not delivering value. People are getting tired of it. They're conducting searches that yield no actual results.

Rather than following that approach, we can show you a simple but effective way to capture a user's attention with value, not false promises in the noise.

Chris DuBois
By Chris DuBois
on February 06, 2020

Do you need paid search to have a successful marketing campaign?

Some marketers say yes. Others say no.

In reality, it depends.

In some situations, paid search is the only way to accomplish goals. When things are time sensitive, you don't necessarily have the opportunity to wait for content to grow organically. You need something that delivers results, and does it fast.

Other times it's the absolute wrong approach. It could cost a ton of money and slow progress to your goals.

So, before you choose whether you should or shouldn't use paid search in your campaign, take into account these six reasons to know if it's right for your brand.

Chris DuBois
By Chris DuBois
on February 04, 2020

You don't want to hire the wrong content marketing agency.

Many companies decide they're ready to adopt content marketing, so they search for and hire the best-priced agency that can deliver the most content. They believe if they can get more content published, they'll see results.

The problem is that everyone is publishing content these days. There's over-saturation in the market, so just producing isn't good enough. The content needs to be optimized for search engines, the buyer's journey, and most importantly to provide value to your audience.

So if you think just hiring a content marketing agency will move the needle, you run the risk of watching your traffic and conversions stagnate. And they probably will.

If you hire the wrong agency, it'll get worse. Your metrics could move in the wrong direction, costing you more than the agency's bill

But, if you get the right one—an agency that pairs strategy with content marketing and understands that content isn't the goal, but an avenue to get there—you can focus on your business and trust them to achieve your marketing goals.