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Ryan Scott
By Ryan Scott
on December 01, 2020

If you’re a Tony Robbins fan, you know he talks about the three things that guide success: Your Story, Your State, and Your Strategy.

Strategy is usually the top priority. However, it’s not as important as the stories you tell yourself or the state you’re in.

His example is someone wanting to lose weight: they try a program like Weight Watchers. When that doesn’t work for them, they try another program. They spend money on program after program.

Why did they buy another program? Because they think the strategy was the problem.

The truth is, there is no shortage of weight-loss strategies, and they all work. The difference is in the state and the internal story of the one trying to put that strategy to work.

In business, it’s exactly like that! Let me explain…

Ryan Scott
By Ryan Scott
on November 24, 2020

You want to drive long-term, quarter-over-quarter growth?

First, make a commitment not to be obsessed with vanity metrics. Nothing matters if your company is not growing across the board. So, throw away all your shiny vanity metrics, and let’s get down to a business growth strategy that works.

Ryan Scott
By Ryan Scott
on November 17, 2020

What if you need a little bit of help to really start crushing your growth goals. Where do you go?

A freelancer can be an inexpensive option - but only if you really need just a "get it done" person with little supervision.

And a growth marketing agency can make all the difference - but only if you need what they specialize in.

Which one makes the most sense?

In this article, we’re going to compare and contrast these two options so you can know what’s the best fit for you.

By Christina Hooper
on November 10, 2020

Are you looking for the best sales system your team will quickly embrace?

You need a sales system that moves prospects from new leads into paying customers. But, if even one of your six levers of growth is broken, no amount of marketing or awareness will fit it.

On top of that, it’s not uncommon for sales teams to have a hard time adopting a new strategy because the old methods are deeply ingrained. Because of this old vs. new way of thinking, it's imperative to make sure the entire team wants the implemented sales system.

By Christina Hooper
on November 03, 2020

Gimmicks stink!

You can try to use them to build your audience, generate leads, and grow your company — but you aren’t likely to get the results you want.

This shift to using gimmicks happens when senior leadership puts way too much pressure and irresponsible growth goals on their marketing team.

The pressure forces the marketing team to get “creative,” which means sacrificing long-term success for short-term gains by using gimmicks. These gimmicks seem like a good idea at the time — but will ultimately sink your ship.

Don't risk your business's continued success on gimmicks for growth. They don't serve your companies' long-term goals. Instead, here are some things you should never stoop to doing when trying to grow your business.

By Christina Hooper
on October 27, 2020

Everyone’s got a gimmick for growth, but it’s essential to understand that most businesses fail quickly. You can’t gamble on gimmicks if you want your business to succeed.

The following stats prove just how likely it is for your business to fail if you stumble into one of the common pitfalls that cause most companies to go under:

  • 90% of new startups fail.
  • 75% of venture-backed startups fail.
  • Under 50% of businesses make it to their fifth year.
  • 33% of startups make it to the 10-year mark.

As you can see, the odds aren’t in favor of most businesses. Many never reach profitability, and others make it a few years before they have to close. Much of this is because they gamble on get-rich-quick tricks.

Ryan Scott
By Ryan Scott
on October 20, 2020

Growth doesn't happen by accident. And, if it were easy, no company would ever go out of business. The harsh reality is that most companies do go out of business for various reasons.

In fact, 50% of companies fail after their 5th year and 70% after their 10th. This gives any business owner all the more reason to be diligent with their growth strategy.

But, unfortunately, most companies aren’t that diligent. They sink money into paid ads that never pay off, and they gamble with their marketing budget.

They learn the hard way — through trial and error — that growth is difficult, business is cutthroat competitive, and many employees and their families count on your company's success.

If you don't have a growth strategy, you're gambling — and gambling on growth is a risky way to do business.

Chris DuBois
By Chris DuBois
on July 09, 2020

Does the hunt for the perfect CMS (Content Management System) seem endless?

With so many options available, it can be challenging to determine which one is the right fit for your needs.

You need an aesthetically pleasing website, but it has to do more than just look pretty — it needs to convert leads into customers.

Chris DuBois
By Chris DuBois
on July 07, 2020

Ultimately, there are tons of ways to design a web page. The trick comes from knowing what elements work together — or not at all.

What do you need your website to accomplish? What design is going to appeal to your audience? Which design elements best support your brand’s message?

The images, fonts, and layouts that you choose need to strengthen the messaging and help each page tell its story. Every page has to be on-brand. Every page needs to be captivating.

Chris DuBois
By Chris DuBois
on July 01, 2020

HubSpot's CMS Hub is revolutionary for marketers.

First, they bring us a powerful (and free) CRM. Then, they add to "Hubs" for marketing, sales, and service.

But now… well, now they've outdone themselves.

Ryan Scott
By Ryan Scott
on June 30, 2020

What do logos, colors, and fonts have in common?

They are the visual elements most often associated with the word "brand."

Ironically, graphic design is only a small part of a comprehensive branding process. Brand aesthetics are the byproduct of many carefully weighed decisions about core values, buyer personas, and unique value propositions (UVPs), and most importantly, the brand message.

The world's most successful companies develop brand strategies that inform everything from product development to customer service to sales and marketing.

At Lean Labs, we look at brand strategy as a key component of our Lean Growth Stacking framework. 

Ryan Scott
By Ryan Scott
on June 20, 2020

Defining a brand identity isn't a "fluffy" exercise with little measurable returns.

A solid brand identity can be the critical groundwork for developing customer loyalty and retention, which can be a huge competitive advantage.

Research by McKinsey confirms that we're operating in an era of "digital Darwinism," or intense disruption. Well-defined brands that adopt the right marketing tactics are most likely to survive and win.

How do you know if your brand can evolve? Consider these twenty questions...

Ryan Scott
By Ryan Scott
on June 17, 2020

What platforms and softwares should you include in your martech stack?

Chris DuBois
By Chris DuBois
on June 15, 2020

Startups are going crazy for the new HubSpot CMS Hub.

But is the hype legitimate?

After all, many startups swap out their martech stack every few months, hoping a new tool will provide a nice boost to their revenue. And we get it, it can be tempting to jump on the newest tech trends and hope you’ll get the results that you’re looking for.

When it comes to your website, though, stability is crucial for success. You need to think about long-term strategies and invest in software that has the right features built-in to create high-converting pages.

Melissa Randall
By Melissa Randall
on May 26, 2020

What goes into a great brand strategy document?

It depends who you ask.

Some gurus will have your brand strategy packed with slides and graphs, and walls of text... we've seen some that just make you feel like going on vacation.

It's kind of like the brand personas documents that go into what pets they like, and what their favorite colors are... It's ridiculous.

But back to the brand strategy document: I don't claim to have the perfect one. But, we have helped a bunch of brands over the years, and we've narrowed the brand strategy document down to the essential pieces.

And you can copy it, if you want.

Ryan Scott
By Ryan Scott
on May 12, 2020

You need someone to design your HubSpot website. Committing to the wrong web design agency is a costly mistake that you will come to regret later. 

Trust us, HubSpot is fantastic, but only if your website is designed to take advantage of HubSpot’s full suite of features. You need to partner with an agency that knows how to design for HubSpot...not just one that says they know...but one that really knows.

Luckily, we’ve collected real reviews from our favorite HubSpot partners, so you can quickly compare some of the best HubSpot web design agencies in business today. Keep reading to learn which companies we recommend.