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**I received several inquiries on last week's attribution network marketshare breakdown. Please note this was about market share and not about company growth. All networks in the visual are growing, even if marketshare was shown as declining. It's also important to call out that Branch has migrated clients away from Tune's SDK and into Branch's SDK.** 

DG Dollar General (DG) is set to report earnings on May 30th. New installs of the mobile app are down 13% YOY and down 24% QOQ.

App Acquisitions

kahoot Kahoot, an educational app that gamifies quizzes, has acquired Poio, an app that helps children learn how to read. Poio is a Paid app, currently only available in Sweden and Norway. It's been downloaded 23,000 times since launch in September 2017. VentureBeat has more on the acquisition.

It can all change in a Snap

Snapchat recently released a new filter that converts your face into that of the opposite gender. People love it. Like, really love it. Downloads surged. Sessions surged. On May 17th, Snapchat ranked #4 overall in China’s App Store, its highest rank there in more than four years. Following the face swapping filter, Snapchat also launched Snap Games. The quick one-two punch of these releases propelled installs to new heights. On May 19th, Snapchat had its most downloads ever within Apptopia’s data set (we date all the way back to January 1, 2015) with 2.01 million. A typical day of global downloads for Snapchat in 1Q19 was about 665k. The big question now is whether or not these new users stay and help generate revenue for Snap. I don't think a fun filter creates staying power but I do think Snap Games might.


You don't have to go home, please stay here

Houseparty integrated Heads Up into its app in mid/late January to try to boost revenue and engagement. Active usage has been heading down for quite some time, with a slight bump in February, likely due to its marketing push around rebranding (its logo used to be a red solo cup) and the addition of games like Heads Up. Houseparty is a cool app, but it's leaking users. It's not so dissimilar to Snapchat in that it finds itself in a constant battle to maintain and attract new people in a world where our attention is more divided than ever, and larger competitors can integrate your core features at any given moment. Even with its ability to handle a large group of users at once, video chat is a crowded space. Houseparty knows it needs more users (and to retain them) which is likely why it just launched a new advertising campaign on Facebook. You might remember that Facebook launched Bonfire, a Houseparty competitor, but ended up shutting it down just this past March. I'd be curious to know what they learned from their beta testing. 


New Posts

Advertising Intelligence; What is it and how can it help me?

So, you and your team made a great game. The core loop is perfect, the tutorial is awesome, the on-boarding process is highly optimized, the metagame ensures longevity, and the overall production value is to be envied by studios much larger than yours. All of this makes a great game, but you still see games on the top grossing charts of a lower quality than yours, with millions of users. How can this be?


Somewhat Mobile:

The best podcast to listen to for people. If you're a person, man this is definitely for you. It's possibly more enjoyable if you work with mobile apps. Hard to tell.

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