It’s graduation season!

Finally, all of your hard work has paid off – you’ve graduated. Congratulations! But, now what? In some instances, the thought of ‘What’s next?’ can be pretty daunting. Let us make the transition to ‘adulthood’ a little easier with tips on managing finances, building credit, and preparing for life on your own.


Class of 2019: 8 Ways to Prep for Financial Adulthood

Whether you’re graduating from high school or college, a diploma and a job represent the beginning of your personal — and financial — adult life. It’s an exciting, and sometimes overwhelming time. When you have the inevitable “I have no idea what I’m doing” freakout, remember these tips.

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How Recent College Grads Can Build Credit 4 Tips for Managing Finances After College Graduation
Practically every guide to starting off on the right financial foot begins with the following warning: you must have good credit if you want to get anywhere. Managing money on your own can be tricky, but these four tips can help recent grads master some of the basics.
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