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The National Commission on Military, National and Public Service may recommend that the government conscript cybersecurity professionals through the Selective Service System. Raised in a recent executive order, the proposition is under formal discussion in Washington and proves highly controversial within the security community, leading to concerns that – if passed – it may lower the nation’s talent pool. Read More


The U.S Marine Corps has established an auxiliary force for volunteer cybersecurity professionals who wish to assist the military branch in advisory roles. Although the Marine Corps Cyber Auxiliary - also known as Cyber Aux - will not assist the Marines during active engagements, it will help with simulations, training and expertise. The formation of Cyber Aux draws attention to the difficulty of keeping and retaining infosec talent in the military. Read More


The United States is cooperating with European countries including Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine to bring charges against ten foreign nationals accused of propagating malware that caused $100 million in damage. Rather than extradite the defendants to the U.S, prosecutors are working to have them convicted in the countries where they live. Depending its success, the case may set a precedent for international jurisdiction of cybercrime and cyberwarfare. Read More


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Through our years of experience within cyber security, Industrial Control Systems (ICS) are unique. There is a blend of old and new technologies. Critical infrastructure security comes in many sizes but only one principle is constant, high availability. Many clients within critical infrastructure and security is becoming more of a concern. We believe it’s necessary for professionals who work for critical infrastructure organizations understand the business of Operational Technology (OT) and how to secure it. Read Securicon's ICS blog series here.


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Cyber:Secured Forum July 29-31 (featuring presentation by Valerie Thomas, Executive Information Security Consultant)