When your employees don’t market themselves, everyone loses.

After all, you aren’t a mind reader: You can’t know what your employees don’t tell you.

Our latest blog, “Personal Branding: Why You Need Employees Who Market Themselves,” shares how employees with personal brands can help you discover internal talent and promote better candidates from within your company.

In this new post, you’ll also learn why personal branding is absolutely key to retaining top performers.

BRODY’s Ignite Your Personal Brand: Market Your MAGIC workshop teaches your team how to self-promote — so you can know exactly what they have to offer.

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Spotlight of the Month

Ignite Your Personal Brand: Market Your MAGIC Open-Enrollment Webinar

Join Marjorie Brody for an exclusive webinar to Ignite Your Personal Brand on May 17 at 12pm ET. You’ll learn the five keys to a personal marketing action plan, based on the MAGIC acronym. Top takeaways include how to:

  • Project confidence and competence in your Manner
  • Identify Advocates that can support your career
  • Continue to Grow and develop
  • Get Involved to increase your visibility as an expert
  • Create Commentary through writing and speaking

Seats are limited, so register today to secure your spot!

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Seats are only $129, which includes access to the recording for one month and slides as a PDF.

$499 special - includes access to the recording for one month and slides as a PDF and one hour of virtual coaching with an experienced BRODY executive coach.

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