Royal baby Archie is the son of two great public speakers. What might this mean for him, growing up in such a communication-rich household?
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Can one be destined for communication greatness?

As the world welcomed the newest royal arrival - baby Archie - I couldn't help but reflect on the nature vs. nurture question when it comes to communication.  You see, Archie is the one-week-old son of two rather well-known speakers: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, otherwise known as Meghan and Harry.

Prince Harry was born into a culture of formal public speaking, but over the years he’s developed his own relaxed, authentic and passionate speaking style, putting any traditional Royal stiffness to one side. A former actress, Meghan is also a great communicator - warm, effusive and also passionate.

So what might this mean for baby Archie, growing up in such a communication-rich household? Can one be destined for communication greatness?

First, it's important to note the difference between public and private communication. How we communicate and relate within our intimate setting is very different from how we share our ideas on a global stage.  I suspect that when it comes to intimate setting communication, both Archie’s parents will do their best to be affectionate, curious and open. These qualities may well go against the stiffer, closed mouth propriety we associate with royalty, and perhaps this essential difference in communication style is one of the reasons Harry and Meghan are really quite the royal outliers.

I think it will be a wonderful gift for baby Archie to grow up with the accomplished, purposeful and passionate communicators that are his parents. And yet, as we know, the most important thing is that his next few years are about loving and supportive communication at home.

That is the big challenge for every parent - to model how to discuss, share, explain, negotiate with their young ones. I practice these communication skills with my son every day. Among many of the communication lessons he has taught and continues to teach me, he reminds me daily of how to use the nuances of tone to achieve an end. Both when I want to soothe him with my voice and show him I understand, and when I need to be firm and clear about boundaries. This is the gentle art of communication that makes such a difference in the early years, far more than exposure to public speaking. Time will tell if young Archie grows up to be a great negotiator and inspiring orator. But I have a hunch that Harry and Meghan, with their high quotient for emotional intelligence, will do brilliantly.

- Emma 


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