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Executive Order Sets Roadmap  for Schools

This past March the White House issued an Executive Order (Order) titled “Improving Free Inquiry, Transparency, and Accountability at Colleges and Universities”.

While many in the media took hold of the free speech aspect, I was drawn to the transparency and accountability sections. It seemed like the White House was tying its commitment to supporting and empowering postsecondary students - to a roadmap. The path they set involves risk sharing, publication of school and program specific data, and embracing proven student success programs.

The Order presents specific action items with due dates and lays the groundwork for legislation that could deeply impact postsecondary schools and their administrators. If you’re not familiar with the details I encourage you to read the Order but if you’re short on time here’s a high level summary of the Transparency and Accountability sections and some observations to consider.

Roadmap: Risk-sharing, College Score Card, and Successful Programs

Risk-sharing. Research and proposals are in the making, as the Order sets a due date of January 1, 2020 for identification of policy options that would hold institutions of higher education partially responsible when student loan borrowers don’t pay—commonly referred to as "skin in the game." Know that graduation rates and repayment rates are in the bulls-eye. These metrics (not just default rates) are at the heart of the matter. Now is the time to take hold of your data, do the analysis and form your strategies.

College Scorecard. There’s a plan to expand and update reporting through the College Scorecard. Students and their families will have more insight into a variety of metrics not only at the institutional level but drilling down into program specific details. It will be interesting to see how much “return on investment” messaging students and families receive as they complete their FAFSA. Linking the Next Gen mobile app (being developed by FSA) to College Scorecard and its decision-impacting information seems likely.

Successful Programs. Another action item is the compilation of state and institutional efforts that are promoting the timely and affordable completion of postsecondary programs of study. This report is due March 2020 and will not only speak to enrollment initiatives like duel programs and improving the transfer of credits, but also initiatives like student debt letters, student success programs, and re-enrollment efforts.

As you do the work to prepare for change, know that we at Ascendium are doing the same. Our Attigo Suite provides critical tools to improve student outcomes but we continue to raise the bar, partnering with schools to help them launch new initiatives and reach new highs. As you identify programs to better support your students I encourage you to reach out to our team, share your needs, and let’s tackle the opportunity together.

Beth Erickson

Vice President Repayment Solutions

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SmartSessions–New Training Topics

Our trainers are always striving to present timely and important sessions to best support higher-ed professionals. If you’re looking to expand your knowledge check out these free sessions:

Note: Registration is currently conducted through the Great Lakes website.

Don't Miss Student Success Hot Spot

AscendiumA busy spring conference season is underway. Reports from the field say the Ascendium/Attigo booth has been the place to be to talk about student success! Thanks to all who've dropped by and we look forward to seeing more of you at upcoming conferences.

If you're headed to GASFAA at the end of the month don't miss Amy Gerber's presentation on student debt letters. Her expertise can empower you to jump-start your student success strategy.


Upcoming Conferences

  • 5/20-23: Western Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
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  • 7/14-16: Higher Education Financial Wellness Summit

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Thought BubblesAttigo’s best and brightest are here to answer questions and accept feedback to better support the student success community. Reach out and tell us how we can help you achieve your goals.

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