Quick guide to Adobe PDF and Microsoft Word Accessibility

Creating documents that can be accessed and read by people of all abilities is very important. Users with disabilities should be able to scan the content using their Assistive Technology. This helps them to scan heading levels using their Assistive Technology and jump to specific pages but only if the document has been created in an accessible manner. Download the guide here

Microlink’s Knowledge Accelerations System is a Continuous Learning platform which includes self-learning modules on accessibility features and built-in assistive technologies and is available in 8 languages (English, BRA Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish).

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PDF and Word Accessibility


Special Offer- OrCam a wearable device for visually impaired!

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OrCam’s breakthrough conversion of visual information into the spoken word enables you to instantly and discreetly read text, recognise faces, as well as identify product and money notes. All that with just the point of a finger or pressing a simple button. 

OrCam MyEye makes newspapers, books, computer and smartphone screen, restaurant menus, labels on supermarket products and street signs accessible in real time. Following a quick one-time entry process, previously stored faces or people who are important to you, are seamlessly recognised and announced by your own voice tag once they come into the OrCam MyEye smart camera’s view. Up to 100 faces of individuals can be stored.Click here to buy and get more information

OrCam MyEye


Microlink is delighted to support Essex County Council to be an inclusive employer

Autism Internship Program!

Essex County Council announcing the first of its kind internship scheme within local government.

Now Recruiting

You can now register your interest.

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Autism Internship program supported by Microlink