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This month, we look at Don Taylor's Global Sentiment Survey. Each year, Don Taylor asks L&D professionals globally, “What will be hot in workplace L&D this year?". Here we look at what the future has in store for workplace learning.


Industry Research
 Global Sentiment Survey 2019

data infographic

We created an infographic with the results from the Global Sentiment Survey* indicating what tools are predicted to be the next ‘big things’ in digital learning. 

Click to see the full infographic with research from Global Sentiment Survey.  

Data and digital
Analytics, AI and practical applications

Photo of a Laptop on Top of Table

Data comes out as a clear winner in this year's Global Sentiment Survey. Logicearth is pleased to see that it's not simply the abstract notion of 'data' but rather its practical application to inform action. Personalisation, adaptive learning systems and the analysis of data are all hot topics.

Click to read about how Logicearth applies AI, adaptive learning and analytics


Adaptive Learning — What can it do for you?

machine learning crop

With the emphasis growing on data and AI in learning, the term ‘Adaptive Learning’ is cropping up more and more. We’ve penned a few thoughts on what it’s all about, and how it differs from Personalised Learning.

Click to read our blog on Adaptive Learning.


Artificial Intelligence — How chatbots help you learn


Artificial Intelligence appears daily in newspaper headlines and articles for every industry. But its practical applications and how we, as consumers, encounter it in our daily lives can be unclear. We explore the application of AI to power chatbots to help you navigate services from learning languages to buying a new wardrobe.

Click to read our blog about developments in AI and Chatbots.


Talking LxDs — The idiot's guide to data-driven learning 


Is data-driven learning driving you to distraction? Our learning experience designers have been instant messaging again to discuss the definition of data-driven learning, and whether there is a 'wrong end of learning'.

Click to read 'The Idiot's Guide to Data-Driven Learning' here.


20% off Compliance — Safety and Health at Work Day 2019

comply graphic

Over 6000 people die globally every day from work-related accidents and illnesses. The International Labour Organisation (ILO) recently marked its World Day for Safety and Health at Work on Sunday 28th April.

To support this we are offering 20% off our Health and Safety compliance course to help create a safer workplace culture and reduce the number of work-related deaths and injuries.

Get your 20% discount by requesting the Health and Safety course preview here.

*Access the full Global Sentiment Survey 2019 over on our Industry Research page.

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