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Eggplant AI Support for Linux

We recently enhanced the existing Eggplant AI 2.3 release to support both Windows and Linux platforms - it's available now.

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AI Model Generation from Autosnippets

A new accelerator can take an existing Eggplant Suite that contains test assets generated by the Autosnippets capability and automatically generate an Eggplant AI model.

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PractiTest Adapter to Eggplant

PractiTest provide a Test Management system for managing your QA and Testing process. This adapter allows you to combing the best testing solution and the best test management software.

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'Continuous Quality' Assurance Is Key to Business Success

For businesses to thrive, uncovering and fixing the things that are slowing down a website can have a huge impact. Better conversion rates and lower bounce rates can deliver revenue, keeping you in the race against your competition.

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How to Scale DevOps: 10 Expert Tips

For many organizations, the first steps on the journey to DevOps don’t involve much pain. Small, passionate teams form, new processes take the place of old ones, and people achieve early wins. But these are mere flashes of brilliance or illusions of progress. While encouraging, such early wins won’t help organizations achieve what they ultimately want: DevOps at scale.

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8 Counterintuitive Leadership Tips

Leadership advice is everywhere. From quippy inspirational quotes on Twitter, to countless conference presentations and volumes of books, everyone seems to have an opinion on how to be the perfect leader. But of course, the advice may fail in action - and even if it does work, your mileage results will vary.

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Our Lives in Their Hands - Software Testing for Patient Records

By Charlene Makai, Account Executive, Healthcare

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The Cost of Non-Compliance: Why You Can't Ignore Accessibility Testing

By Gareth Smith, Chief Technology Officer

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Dismiss AI's Detractors: How the Technology Is Driving Testing Improvements Today

By Candice Arnold, Chief Marketing Officer

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The Next Frontier: The Role of Testing in Mission Critical Software Systems

By Candice Arnold, Chief Marketing Officer

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