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The goal of this, and all issues of the Talent Insider, is to provide you meaningful insights in a concise format - timely development for the busy leader. in this spring issue of the Talent Insider, we have reached out to some HR leaders who are making a meaningful impact to get their vantage point on key talent issues:

C-Suite On Talent: Select Interviews  – includes interviews with three leaders on key HR Trends, culture and diversity at CHRISTUS Health, LHOIST, and Acme Brick. Thank you Ashley, Carol, and Durell!

Predicting Fit: Aligning Talent Systems – Part II – provides applicable practices to bring greater prediction and reliability in your hiring and selection. Scott McTague has implemented over 200 assessment systems across industry and shares what really works.

We also announce a complimentary webinar titled: Leveraging Assessment to Drive Retention, Engagement and Performance. If you have any interest in leveraging assessment I encourage you to attend this one-hour CMP webinar on Thursday, May 23.

In our Talent Horizon section we highlight the Hyper-Connected Workplace. Your response to the survey question would be much appreciated.


Predicting Fit: Aligning Talent Systems II

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C-Suite On Talent - Select Interviews

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CMP Assessment Webinar
On May 23, Scott will lead an interactive CMP webinar focused on the following:
  • Explain why companies may not be realizing maximum benefits from their assessment-based talent management systems.
  • Describe how companies can utilize the talent management full life cycle to drive retention, engagement and performance metrics. 
  • Lay out how companies are applying talent assessment best practices to: 
    • consistently select the right fit in hiring and promoting talent,
    • on-board new hires through a meaningful and engaging experience, and
    • develop and coach talent to improve performance.
Join Us on May 23rd to learn how more effective talent assessment utilization can greatly benefit your company.


The Talent Horizon

“Our hyperconnectedness is the snake lurking in our digital Garden of Eden.” -Arianna Huffington

Talent Trend: The Hyper-Connected Workplace

A recent Deloitte Study reflected on the growing shift to the hyper-connected workplace. The number and variety of communications tools continues to expand, all of them promising to make workers more efficient and productive. In an effort to realize this promise, smart organizations are reshaping work practices, physical work-spaces, and leadership approaches to ensure that greater connectivity means greater productivity in a network of teams.

As these tools migrate from personal life to the workplace, organizations must apply their expertise in team management, goal-setting, and employee development to ensure that they actually improve organizational, team, and individual performance and promote the necessary collaboration to truly become a social enterprise. 

Survey question Like the socially-connected world, organizations are becoming hyper-connected; can they also become hyper-productive? Response


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