Learn how to use CalReply’s Promotion Automation to leverage your existing social media audiences and to scale your subscriber base.

May 2019

Getting Social with CalReply

Social media has come to shape the success of many brands and be a direct source of communication with fans, making creative messaging essential to drive positive engagement. CalReply’s Promotion Automation allows you to compose numerous Facebook posts and Tweets at one time, and schedule them to be automatically sent by CalReply. This tool makes it easy and efficient to leverage your existing social media audiences and to scale your subscriber base with frequently added calendar URL’s. Leveraging our automation tool can act in tandem with your existing marketing strategy while at the same time not interfering with responsibilities of your content managers.


It’s important to optimize your promotion automation schedule so that you get the highest engagement for every Facebook post and/or Tweet.

Generally, you can promote more frequently via Twitter as tweets move through the stream quicker. Approximately 4-6% of your followers see any given tweet so it is recommended promoting frequently on Twitter at least one post dedicated to the calendar once a week.

For Facebook, we recommend scheduling a dedicated calendar post at least twice a month. These efforts will not only increase awareness around the calendar generally, but act as a diversified way to promote upcoming content as you approach the time of an event. Both Facebook and Twitter should include imagery that captures the users attention and draws them into engaging with the calendar link. Below are some examples of promotions:


  • Don't miss the UFC Fight Night: Machida vs Dollaway! Watch it LIVE at 1pm/10am EST on FOX Sports 1 – add it to your calendar http://calrep.ly/UFC


  1. Before a show or sport (e.g. 6:45pm before 7pm line-up starts): Catch all the action on Sportsnet tonight - Set a calendar reminder to watch your team - cal.sportsnet.ca/nhl
  2. During a show or sport (e.g. 8pm during line-up): Loving the NHL action on Sportsnet? Add it to your calendar now - cal.sportsnet.ca/nhl
  3. After a show or sport (e.g. 9:30pm during highlights etc): Don’t miss another NHL game on Sportsnet - Add NHL to your calendar now cal.sportsnet.ca/nhl


Use the promotion automation tool in accompaniment with a countdown strategy to build excitement and ultimately encourage fans to subscribe before an event begins. It is recommended to include a daily countdown with the calendar URL on all of the you social media pages. For instance, a post may say: “Cake Boss premieres in just 3 days and it’s going to be the best season yet! Add every episode to your calendar now so you don’t miss a minute! - https://calrep.ly/2SbdXuw".

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How to configure promotion automation:
  1. Log in to CalReply Merchant Center
  2. Click “More” from the navigation followed by “Integrations”
  3. Select “Add Facebook Account” and/or “Add Twitter Account” *Note, these must be business profiles.
  4. After accounts have been properly linked, click “Promotion Automation” from the navigation
  5. Click “create post” button and select which account to post in (Facebook or Twitter)
  6. Select the account you want to post in
  7. Select the account calendar
  8. Compose message and click “Insert Calendar Link”
  9. Upload Image
  10. Schedule date and time for post to be published
  11. Click “Enable Multiple Posts” to choose the frequency of the post and how many times it will repeat
The Value

Including calendar URL’s on your social media pages is a critical implementation, but can often be overlooked due to (1) marketers having too much existing content, (2) lack of access to CalReply (3) lack of knowledge around the automation tool. However, there is a huge opportunity to leverage your social audiences and direct them to the calendar. Our promotion automation tool provides a solution to incorporate calendaring via social media with minimal work involved while also not interfering with a pre-determined marketing strategy. Clients can use this tool as a “set it and forget it” mechanism - allowing them to create and execute content that is aligned with their goals while at the same time making the most of their already dedicated audiences.


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