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128x128 Q1 2019 global sessions of the Southwest Airlines mobile app are down 20% YOY but up 18% QOQ. In 2018, the Southwest Airlines app was the #5 airline for total global sessions. We've found airline app sessions to correlate with  company specific metrics like revenue passenger miles.

App acquisitions Twitter purchased "quote-sharing app," Highly. The app has only been downloaded about 75k times since launch in February 2016. To be fair, you can also access the app on most web browsers and Slack.

getaround Getaround purchased Drivy, a car-sharing startup, for $300M. Most of Getaround's users hale from the United States, but Drivy's user base is largely from Europe, with about 50% of its MAUs living in France. Typical performance data for the app (DLs, MAU/DAU) has been more or less stagnant for the past six months.

Sneaker game is strong

Sneaker apps are for the "sneaker head," essentially a footwear enthusiast or collector. The main draw of these apps is the ability to buy (and sometimes sell) rare or hard to find sneakers. Combined downloads from the top four "sneaker apps" in 2018 surpassed 28 million and this number continues to increase in 2019. From January 2018 through March 2019, both GOAT and StockX have more downloads than Nike's SNKRS app. StockX easily leads this trio in terms of monthly downloads growth over this period of time, to the tune of 70.5%. StockX is unique in that it treats the fluid price of sneakers as a stock price, showing browsers the historical price and current bid/ask. As we can see below, GOAT had more than a 50% marketshare at one point in time but competition in this niche space is growing.


Star Trek Fleet Command voyages past $25M since launch

Scopely's Star Trek Fleet Command launched in November 2018, enabling players to go where no man has gone before (any Trekkie subscribers here?). While new installs have been decreasing, average daily IAP revenue is increasing. This is the natural progression for a top grossing game, as we typically see them fall outside of the top download charts shortly after launch, but the publisher does a great job of engaging and monetizing its retained user base. One top grosser who maintains a top download spot is Fortnite, but that's a story for another newsletter. Even though Fleet Command has been live for under 6 months, it's already responsible for 12.4% of Scopely's total IAP revenue over the past 12 months. Since Fleet Command's launch, the only game in Scopely's portfolio bringing home more bacon is its Yahtzee game


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