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We’ve gone global! To better reflect our members’ interest and expertise in limited resource and humanitarian medicine, we have changed our NetWork name to the Disaster Response and Global Health NetWork. Disaster preparedness is important for all providers and patients. Join the NetWork and help us expand our patients’, trainees’, and colleagues’ knowledge of strategy when the unexpected happens. Our past NetWork Chair, Asha Devereaux, MD, FCCP, presented an overview on how to prepare your oxygen-dependent patients/patients with CPAP for disaster during our NetWork panel discussion at the CHEST Annual Meeting 2018 in San Antonio, TX. You can see her summary here.

Mary Jane (MJ) Reed, MD, FCCP 
Chair, Disaster Response and Global Health NetWork 

Want to get involved?

Apply for a steering committee position: Did you know that many CHEST leaders got their start on NetWork Steering Committees? Elections for steering committees are occurring now through May 28. Enter your name here if you are interested!

Participate in the NetWorks Challenge: Contribute on behalf of the Airway Disorders NetWork for the CHEST Foundation's NetWork Challenge annual drive to support clinical research and patient education efforts. Each NetWork will be awarded a travel grant to give to a trainee or other designee for every $5,000 contributed to the CHEST Foundation.

Join the conversation: Have an idea or suggestion? See a good article link you want to share? Want information on disaster response and global health? Start tweeting with the hashtag: #CHESTDisaster 

NetWork CHEST Physician article

March 2019 CHEST Physician ScreenshotCheck out the Disaster Response and Global Health NetWork’s latest article “Epigenetics and Disasters” by NetWork Steering Committee Fellow-in-Training member, Omesh Toolsie, MBBS, in the March issue of CHEST Physician 



Designating primary and secondary NetWorks

Join as many NetWorks as you would like, and designate (up to) two primary NetWorks and limitless secondary NetWorks. Primary NetWork designation gives you access to News From the NetWorks, key events in the CHEST community, and up-to-date information on happenings in your NetWork. 

Join multiple NetWorks or change your NetWork affiliation any time by logging in to My Accountand indicate your preferences on the NetWorks page.

Going on a humanitarian mission? Responding to a disaster? CHEST has courses that can help

NEW! Therapeutic Bronchoscopy for Airway Obstruction 
June 28-29 
Visit CHEST in Glenview, Illinois, for the newest live learning course of 2019. This cadaver-based, hands-on program teaches essential skills in therapeutic bronchoscopic procedures performed for benign and malignant central airway obstructions. Register today. 

Thoracic Ultrasound for the Pulmonologist and Intensivist
August 20
Phoenix, AZ

Critical Care Ultrasound: Integration Into Clinical Practice
November 14-16

Glenview, IL

Get to know your leadership!

Reed_MjAs a surgical intensivist at Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, PA, my career of over 30 years has been varied including multidisciplinary critical care, trauma, minimally invasive surgery, and bariatric surgery. I have been involved with the Disaster NetWork since the mid-2000s. My experience with disaster medicine and critical care medicine in limited resource environment evolved through humanitarian missions, which started in earnest in 2007, and has since taken me to 20 countries on six continents. 

MJReed _in_actionMany of these of areas have already outstripped their ability to meet even basic health-care needs, so it takes very little to create a disaster situation. Being the single trauma surgeon in one of the only open emergency departments in Manzini, Swaziland, during the 2008 “40/40” celebration riots quickly revealed how the idea of surge capacity is redefined in an austere environment. Teaching critical care principles in such a situation was eye opening as well. Haiti’s earthquake and the subsequent effect on all of Hispaniola allowed me the opportunity to be involved firsthand in trying to affect critical care surge capacity as part of the Society of Critical Care Medicine disaster response to that area from January to March of 2010. Subsequent opportunities to work on the hospital ships, USNS Mercy and Comfort, provided for international disaster teaching and planning opportunities.  

Being an active member of the Disaster Response and Global Health NetWork for over 10 years has given me even more opportunities. I was a section editor and contributor to 2014 CHEST Mass Critical Care Consensus Statement. This has directly led to other authorship and outreach projects. Active membership in the Disaster Response and Global NetWork has been instrumental in advancing my career. It’s a great place to learn, teach, and connect. 

Mary Jane (MJ) Reed, MD, FCCP  
Chair, Disaster Response and Global Health NetWork

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