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Pretty Enough to be a Centerpiece, These Coconut Cakes Belong On Your Easter Table

With all kinds of fun additions to a traditional coconut cake like Nutella, almond extract and cheesecake these recipes are a must bake for Easter.


Don't Be Intimidated By A Fancy Cheese Board, You Got This

Gather up some fresh ingredients, find your favorite serving tray and spread it all out. If you're not sure where to start we can help! Head here to find some ideas and inspiration for your next cheese masterpiece.



A Slice of Heaven; How To Create the Perfect Reading Corner

We can't be the only ones who daydream about the ideal reading nook, right? Look here for accents to take your coziest corner up a notch!



This Tudor Style Cottage is Bursting at the Seams With Old World Charm

Designer Patricia made this Dallas Tudor uniquely her own by incorporating modern with Old World. You have to see the European feel of this cottage for yourself, it's so lovely it should be a movie set!