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got-1As we head into the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones, average daily downloads of the HBO NOW app have increased 129% since April 1st. The new season premieres this Sunday. I do not watch GoT, but people tell me it's decent.

Coffee on the go

Looking at current DAU in the United States, Starbucks' mobile app has a nice grip on the national morning coffee marketshare. While Dunkin' has done plenty of catching up in terms of its mobile capabilities, Starbucks has been a leader in mobile for quite some time. It pioneered mobile rewards, mobile payment and in-store pickup. The latest numbers say Starbucks has 14,606 stores across the U.S. while Dunkin' has about 8,500.


The fight to replace email

Despite Microsoft Teams launching more than three years after Slack, its offering has been strong enough to seriously cut into Slack's market potential. The combination of the market's clear desire to explore other options and WhatsApp's household name have made WhatsApp Business a force in the battle for workplace chat. The WhatsApp Business Android app has been around for about a year now but its iOS version just recently launched.


New Posts

1. How Garena's Free Fire succeeds in emerging markets

Mobile apps are a difficult business to succeed in. The competition in mobile gaming is even tougher. Where can you grow your game? Where can you even just be competitive? If you look toward emerging markets and nail it, the payoff is huge, as these regions often have massive growth potential. But these markets do present their own unique challenges.

2. Top Grossing iOS Categories, Q1 2019

The #1 insight for me here, is how high the Books category ranks in APAC. Diving deeper into the category, I found the top 10 apps make up about 83% of all revenue the category makes, and the top 50 make up 98% of all revenue. Apps like QQ Reading and Himalayan Vocal Novels are the stalwarts of the Books category in APAC.


Somewhat Mobile:

The best podcast to listen to for people. If you're a person, man this is definitely for you. It's possibly more enjoyable if you work with mobile apps. Hard to tell.

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