April 3, 2019





"Local Equals Fresh" branding: Order your NEW "Local Equals Fresh" branding and in-store merchandising kit here

NEW Assessment Program: The newly redesigned Assessment program is underway now through April 11 with new measurement goals, and a new process for providing you with the purposeful feedback you need to continually improve your shopping experience. Learn what you need to do here.

National Digital Ad: Visit our National Ad page for the offers and promotional resources for our next ad, starting April 7.  Download the Scanner Apps & graphic assets here.



Supermarket Management Class (SMC): Save the date for the Fall 2019 SMC Classes, focusing on topics ranging from leadership, people development, and retail strategy, to store operations, merchandising, finance, retail trends, and best practices. Click here to register. 

  • SMC West: Sept 15 – 20 at Louie M. Martini Winery in Napa, CA (sponsored by E&J Gallo)
  • SMC East: October 6 – 10 at The Connecticut Association of Schools in Cheshire, CT (sponsored by Bozzuto’s) 


NGA Advocacy 

"Retail Glitch": Congress has introduced bipartisan legislation aimed at fixing the “Retail Glitch"--a drafting error in the new tax law that means retailers investing in improvements to their store interiors now face a more restrictive cost-recovery period, and don’t qualify for intended tax benefits. Click here to contact your elected officials and urge them to cosponsor legislation fixing the retail glitch. 




Better Choices on Earth Day, and Every Day!

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Take a look at the most popular story from last week’s edition of The IGA Minute.

Save Money and Reduce Waste with the IGA Coca-Cola Institute’s Latest Course

Learn how to divert waste from landfills and use it as a revenue source with a new course from the IGA Coca-Cola Institute and the Grocery Stewardship Certification team.

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