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Note from the NetWork Chair…

The Interstitial and Diffuse Lung Disease (IDLD) NetWork includes over 4,400 CHEST members and addresses content related to interstitial lung disease and lung fibrosis of various causes, sarcoidosis, cystic lung diseases, and pulmonary vasculitis. The flurry of knowledge and medical breakthroughs around pulmonary fibrosis has made for exciting work by the IDLD NetWork in recent years.  It seems like CHEST sessions dedicated to diagnosis and management of ILD cases are some of the most popular at the meeting, with standing room only.  

The NetWork’s activities include the development of relevant educational symposia for the CHEST Annual Meeting (of course), but we also create patient education materials (in coordination with the CHEST Foundation) and other educational resources for members.  The NetWork steering committee is hoping to hear from you about ideas for symposia or any other projects that the NetWork should take on.  Please reach out to the Chair with your idea… but better yet, apply to join the NetWork leadership (see link below) – we want your energy, knowledge, and creativity!  

Daniel Dilling, MD, FCCP 
Chair, Interstitial and Diffuse Lung Disease NetWork

Want to get involved?

Did you know that many CHEST leaders got their start on NetWork Steering Committees? Elections for steering committees will occur in the spring of 2019. Enter your name here if you are interested!

NetWork CHEST Physician article

Feb2019 CHEST PhsyicianCheck the Interstitial and Diffuse Lung Disease NetWork's latest article Idiopathic pneumonias that are not all that idiopathic" by NetWork Steering Committee member, Avanthika Thanushi Wynn, MD, in the February issue of CHEST Physician.


CHEST Foundation grants cycle is open until April 22

Advance chest medicine and your career by applying for a CHEST Foundation grant. There is more than $500,000 available in funding this year. Community service and clinical research grant recipients will receive a $1,000 travel stipend and complimentary registration to attend CHEST Annual Meeting 2019. 

Get to know your leadership!

Corey Kershaw

I am an associate professor at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas. I have an outpatient practice where, along with six of my co-faculty, I focus only on patients with ILD. I am also the medical director of the Clements University Hospital medical intensive care unit. This keeps me busy between the administrative responsibilities of a busy, high acuity ICU and an ever-growing and complex ILD clinic. 

I have had the good fortune of having friends and colleagues who I trust who were involved with CHEST. With their encouragement, I applied to be a part of the Interstitial and Diffuse Lung Disease NetWork. I was very happy to be accepted and now am serving in my second year. CHEST is extremely welcoming; and in this brief time, I’ve grown relationships with members at other institutions, including building collaboration opportunities and sharing ideas and experiences around our similar patients. I recall how much I enjoyed attending my first CHEST meeting as a fellow, and now being able to serve CHEST in this way is extremely gratifying. 

In addition to my service on the Interstitial and Diffuse Lung Disease NetWork, I am in my first year as section editor for the Pulmonary Perspectives® column in CHEST Physician (always willing to consider column ideas, so please feel free to contact me). 

Corey KershawMD
Steering Committee MemberInterstitial and Diffuse Lung Disease NetWork

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