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April 2019

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Upcoming Webinars 

Education Elements is hosting a range of webinars around topics as varied as school leadership development, personalized learning implementation, strategic planning, and more. Keep up to date with all of our webinars and be sure to join us to get your learning going!

Flexible content and toolsSchool Leader Habits - Promoting Next Gen Teaching and Learning Models: Flexible Content and Tools
Wednesday, April 3rd,2019, 12:30 pm ET

Join our associate partners Kelly  Freiheit and Natalie Woods as they explore concrete practices you can try to build your understanding of and ability to leverage flexible content and tools to better support teachers and students.

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Toolkit-1Personalized Learning PD for Your Staff
Thursday, April 18,2019, 11:00 am ET

Wishing that more of your students had personalized learning experiences, but wondering how you can support your teachers and their various needs? Join us to hear from folks who have found a solution, and get the structure and support you need to develop effective professional development for your team.

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Innovating to Sustain Personalized Learning Implementation in Geneva

As Geneva City Schools approaches the end of their third year of PL implementation, they begin to turn their gaze to long term sustainability of their own work. With that lens, district and school leaders spent time in March digging deep into what it means to create a culture of innovation. By reflecting on current strengths and key opportunities within individual schools and across the district, leaders identified specific areas they wanted to focus on to enhance and expand innovation for the long term.

By taking a step back to reflect, build knowledge, and create action plans, Geneva City Schools is intentionally building a learning community where innovation can thrive. They are investing in the long term implementation and scaling of personalized learning by developing leaders, habits, and a culture filled with deep trust, shared purpose, constant curiosity, networked teams, and agents of change.


Student-Centered Learning Showcase Around High School Implementations

Student centerd showcase hartford (1)-2As an organization, we have been embracing the four elements of creating the most memorable moments: elevation, insight, pride, and connection, which are central to the book, The Power of Moments. We were excited to see that Hartford Public Schools did that too – and created their own powerful moment! On March 26th, the district spent the evening elevating the work that’s been happening at their High School Centers of Innovation.

Student-Centered Showcase - Hartford  (1)-1-1The evening was filled with students, educators, school leaders, district leadership, and community members who have been working hard at deepening the understanding and application of student-centered learning for the past three years. The community showcase showed how both students and leaders have been positively impacted by their experiences with student-centered learning. It left attendees hungry for more. Here’s Hartford’s story.




We Eat All the Dog Food
By Amy Jenkins, COO, and Managing Partner

We have all seen it before: the look of disbelief or incredulity on someone’s face as we explain an idea to try something new or take a new approach to doing it (in fact, I saw that in a district this month). We’ve heard the words that come tumbling out too, the immediate reaction of, “That won’t work,” or, “That’s just not how people are.” So we come prepared not just with the reasons we think it will work, but the fact that we know it can because we’ve tried it before in our own organization.

At Education Elements, and especially in our work around anything related to The NEW School Rules (e.g. meeting effectiveness, teaming, learning, and project planning), we try everything first. Those meeting check-ins and check-outs we recommend? We use them. Asking people to bring tensions and creating agendas on the fly, encouraging “safe enough to try,” and being very clear about roles and accountabilities? Those are all embedded in how we do our own work. We help districts learn how to do things that work...and we know they work not because we read about them, but because we tried them and refined them.

We are constantly learning and growing and we do it by consistently trying and iterating. It gives us confidence in what we share, it builds our credibility with you, and you know what? It’s actually really fun.

As you think about your own district and trying out new things, think about the safe space you can experiment in first. Go for small steps or chunks, build up to bigger changes when ready, make adjustments as needed. And then when someone looks at you with that face that says, “No way, I don’t believe you,” you can say with certainty that you ate the dog food; and it is pretty good.



Personalized Learning and MTSS

How Personalized Learning Aligns with MTSS

A brief that illustrates the role of PL to support, guide, and drive Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) in ways that are tangible for teachers and leaders.

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Why Innovative Leadership Matters

Why Innovative Leadership Matters 

Learn from Associate Partner Janice Vargo about the importance of innovative leadership for thriving and successful student-centered school districts.

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Personalized Learning and the Shift from a Pedagogy of Poverty to a Pedagogy of Plenty

The shift from pedagogy of poverty to pedagogy of plenty A few months ago I attended ICLE’s Leadership Academy in Atlanta and heard Dr. Tyrone Howard speak. His talk was a powerful one, addressing the differences between equity and equality, the need to support all students, and a call to action to have difficult conversations, call out bias and microaggressions, and make sure that we see our students, understand and empathize with them, and educate every single one of them. One of the things that stood out the most was the idea of the Pedagogy of Poverty vs Pedagogy of Plenty.

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3 Pillars to Build On When Opening a New School

3 pillars to build on

Planning and opening a new school is an exciting yet daunting task. As a leader of a brand new school, you are involved in every aspect of what the school day will look and feel like, and how it will be remembered. When you begin to design experiences that equip students with the skills to fulfill your school’s mission and vision, consider what your strategic priorities should be to get your goals accomplished. 

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April 1-3  Digital Learning Annual Conference, Austin, TX

April 8-9  ASU GSV Summit, San Diego, CA

April 9 The National Academy for Personalized Learning, Winston-Salem, NC

April 25-26 The New School Rules Leadership Institute, Syracuse, NY

April 28-30 RTM, Austin, TX


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