Multilingual captioning tool that translates at lightning speed.

Seeing is believing!

Have you ever thought of having a live captioning or a live translation system at events, during work meetings or in the classroom?

Providing captions and transcriptions at the events, during telephone conference meetings via computer and/or in the classroom enhances the quality of the communication and creates an accessible environment for everyone.

Our speech to text platform produces spoken words in a compatible web-browser format for people who struggle with listening comprehension in teleconference calls via computer, conferences and lecture rooms. 

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Microlink Streamer


Communication and control systems that you run with your eyes!

Eyegaze is the world’s most advanced eye-driven tablet communication system. The Eyegaze Edge® enables locked-in users to communicate with the world via robust, accurate eye tracking devices and software.

It enables patients to communicate in any position including side-lying without tipping the screen.

Requires functional use of only one eye. People with eye injuries or strabismus are typically unable to successfully use most eye-operated systems because they either don’t have two functioning eyes or their eyes don’t track together.

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Eyegaze product


Business Disability Forum conference 2019: Disability leading the way!

Microlink will be exhibiting at the Business Disability Forum conference 2019: Disability leading the way 

Within business, who is leading the way regarding disability? What does this look like? How is it being done?

The conference will feature discussions on the following:

- ‘Tearing down taboos’

- ‘The next generation, change makers & innovators’

- ‘Leading the way, our Disability-Smart winners’

- ‘A change in our time, leaders of today’

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Business Disability Forum Event