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Eggplanet: Continuous Testing Meets Business Outcomes, London

Join your peers and tech experts at this years Eggplanet User Conference. Eggplanet will unpack the terms DevOps; Agile; Artificial Intelligence; Customer Experience and Continuous Intelligent Test Automation. We will showcase how best to harness these capabilities and teach you how to wow your customers.

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Eggplant has partnered with 3GEM Research & Insights to report on the impact Brexit will have on business and software. The survey respondents consist of 250 UK business leaders from C-level, operations, IT and software management roles. 

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Webinar: Intelligent Test Automation SAVES LIVES

April 4, 2019 I 11AM EST/3PM GMT

Traditionally testing and monitoring have been used to check if software "works" without looking at the implications. This is a problem. In this webinar, we'll be showing you the solution.

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Event: Test Automation and Digital QA Summit

Philadelphia, April 5, 2019

Michael Giacometti, Director of Global Alliances and Strategic Partners at Eggplant, will be presenting on Shift Up and Digital QA Transformation at this event.

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Event: French Software Testing  Day (JFTL)

Paris, April 9, 2019

The 11th edition of the French Software Testing Day (JFTL) 2019 is a gathering of professionals in software testing and the quality of information systems in France.  Eggplant are sponsors at this year’s JFTL Conference.

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Event: CIO Insight Summit

Savannah GA, April 23-25, 2019 

The CIO Insight Summit will bring together senior IT decision-makers and business leaders from across North America to share experiences, discover new ideas, and discuss the hottest topics in tech.

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Together We Succeed: The Role Of Women In IT

By Teddy George, Director, VP of People

Read here.

Customer Experience Optimization For Better Business Outcomes

By Alex Painter, Director of Product Marketing

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What Happens When Performance Testing Meets Politics

By Alex Painter, Director of Product Marketing

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Digital Transformation That Saves Lives

By Alex Painter, Director of Product Marketing

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Software Faster, IoT, Cloud, Mobile, Watch -- What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Technology is getting faster and more complex in banking and other industries. Forget operations that rely on standard server to standard desktop with software updates delivered every year or two. Now the core data and apps can be on mainframes, server farms, in the cloud or delivered through APIs with IoT on the edge.

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Life Or Death Testing: When Testing Gets Critical

When software or technology is interacting with the physical world, there’s a high level of variability and a lot can go wrong. And, if something goes wrong with safety-critical software, it can have disastrous consequences.

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Brexit Is Causing More Of a Scare For Business Than Y2K

Spending on Y2K, otherwise known as the Millennium Bug, is estimated to have been as high as $500bn as governments, banks, airlines, telecoms and technology companies were forced upgrade their systems to avoid catastrophic failure. However, for the majority of organisations, the challenge that Y2K presented was small in comparison to dealing with Brexit.

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