This Truck is Stoopid Clean!

This Truck is Stoopid Clean!

“I originally bought the truck from a guy in Thousand Oaks, California, for $1,700,” Oscar recalls. “The poor guy’s pregnant wife was forcing him to get rid of it, and the truck Read More >>


Now That’s Hot! ‘72 Chevy Blazer Roadster

Henry Fisher is a one-man club. As the owner of 15 show vehicles, he has a lot to choose from when taking a cruise on the weekends, but his ’72 Blazer is on his short list of favorites Read More >>


All Show No Go Silverado

We go from Perception to Performance by turning a fake Off-Road pickup into a Real High-Performance Street Truck! Read More >>

Bagged and Bodydropped. Don't miss a price this low!


See Anything You Need?

Another trip to the parts counter to check out the latest and greatest parts on the market. You may be surprised by some of the items we find Read More >>


Chop Top Chevy S10. Does It Work?

“A little off the top” isn’t quite the right sentiment here, as this Dime has had 11 inches chopped off its upper profile. It’s noticeable—and pretty amazing when you get up close to it Read More >>


Faux Electric F-150?

So how do you hide the world’s first ever electric pickup truck from prying eyes? Simple: you disguise it as a normal run-of-the-mill rig Read More >>