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The cyberwar continues with the fourth biggest data breach this year. A hacker called 'Gnosticplayers' previously sold 840 million user records on the Dark Web in February, selling another 26 million this month. In a comment to ZDNet, Gnosticplayers expressed frustration at his own success: "[the] lack of security in 2019 is making me angry." Read More


Encouraging evidence that government intervention can dramatically deter cyber-crime: after the FBI cracked down on fifteen DDoS-for-hire sites last year, the number of DDoS attacks decreased, and the average size has dropped by 85 percent. Read More


A new development in the global cybercrime scene: gangs of hackers have started teaming up to carry out their attacks. ZDnet gives a rundown on rampant trojans seizing bankers; research by IBM shows that TrickBot and IcedID were engineered by groups working in tandem. Read More


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Attackers can gain access to your ICS and SCADA systems through many seemingly innocuous security holes. In this comprehensive presentation, we cover physical access vulnerabilities from access card readers to door controls. Download Ghost in the Control Room


2018 will likely go down in history for the sheer scale of consumer data that was hacked, leaked, stolen and otherwise compromised by cyberattacks throughout the year. Estimates show that during the first six months alone, 4.5 billion records were exposed over 945 data breaches leading to mass identify theft and financial fraud. Read More


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