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Attention: Beware of fraud targeting retailers like you!

We have been made aware that our retailers are being targeted by several scams.

Scam 1: The Fax Scam

-The retailer receives a fax claiming to be from Canadian Tire Head Office. The fax states that a recall has been issued for certain types of cards (such as Mastercard and Visa).

-The retailer is instructed to remove the cards from their shelves and await a call from a representative who will "assist in deactivation".

-The fraudster will attempt to obtain PINs.

Scam 2: The Phone Scam

  • The retailer receives a phone call from an individual claiming to be from the head office of Visa/Mastercard/Apple/Google and tells the retailer that cards are being pulled from display and need to be “deactivated”.

  • The retailer then is instructed to read out the complete card number/PIN and activate the card through their terminal as part of the “deactivation” process.

Stop! This is fraud!

If you receive either of these two types of calls, or similar requests, please hang up immediately and call 1-800-253-2111 to report the details of the incident.

REMINDER:  Never give a PIN, activate a financial product, or provide your terminal ID over the phone. Always use the test card provided to you in your welcome kit for testing products. No legitimate representative will ever ask you to activate products over the phone for any reason.

Trust your instincts. If the phone call seems wrong or suspicious, it probably is.

Not sure if the call is for real?

  1. Stop.
  2. Hang Up.
  3. Call Now Prepay support to confirm the call’s legitimacy at: 1-800-253-2111.

Contact Customer Support