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JAN - MARCH 2019

Hi You,

2018 was a big year for Climate Action in the Eagle County community! 

#1 The Community Climate Action Survey was launched in early 2018 and the results? An astounding 86% of our residents believe we need to act on climate change now.

#2 The first official year of the Climate Action Collaborative.

#3 The Climate Action Collaborative got to work on addressing climate change in our community! Check out the Climate Action Collaborative's 2018 Annual Report below to learn more!

Climate Action Collaborative 2018 Annual Report


Reduce Your Personal Footprint


This graph shows you how much carbon you can eliminate from the air by making big and small changes in your everyday life! 

Help the Climate Action Collaborative achieve our carbon reduction goals of 25% reduction in carbon emissions from a 2014 baseline, by 2025!

1. Renewable Purchasing Programrenewable power

Offset your monthly energy use with 100% Renewable Energy

Through Holy Cross Energy's Renewable Purchasing Program, you can offset 100% of your electricity usage with Renewable Energy. An average home in the Eagle Valley can reduce 51.3 lbs of CO2 per day by offsetting their electricity use through the Renewable Purchasing Program.


2. Carpool to Work 

Drive with a neighbor or coworker on your daily commute, twice a week

Carpooling is one of the best ways to cut your carbon footprint during the winter, when biking and walking aren't an option. By carpooling just twice a week on your commute, the average Eagle County resident can reduce 38.9 lbs of CO2 per day.  



Eagle River Water & Sanitation District & Vail Resorts go 100% Renewable Energy

Two of our Climate Action Collaborative partners have already gone 100% Renewable Energy! 

download-2Screen-Shot-2019-02-22-at-1.36.45-PMEagle River Water & Sanitation District: Purchased 100% Renewable Energy Offset through Holy Cross Energy's Renewable Purchase Program

Vail Resorts: Has engaged in a long-term wind energy contract to purchase the equivalent amount of electricity needed to power 100 percent of its estimated FY 2019 North American operations by 2020.

Go 100% Renewable Today!

Carpool Incentive Programs 

Town of Avon, Holy Cross Energy, and Walking Mountains Science Center all have incentive programs that encourage their employees to carpool!

Learn how to start a carpool program at your organization! Click the image to get started. 


LED Swap @ Town of Eagle Clean-up Day

Where: Town of Eagle Clean-up, behind movie theater in Eagle Ranch
When: April 27th 9am-4pm
Who: Anyone from Eagle County!
What: Swap out 2 CFLs or incandescents for 2 new LED bulbs!


Electric Vehicle Chargers in the Community

Over the last year, the community has been hard at work creating a robust network of electric-vehicle charging stations around Eagle County. Find out where the electric-vehicle chargers are in your town by clicking the image below.


Download the Eagle County Waste Wizard!

Recycling rules are always changing. Stay on top of every new update with the Eagle County Waste Wizard App! The Waste Wizard can also be found on the Climate Action Collaborative website. Click the pine cone to access the Wizard!


Walking Mountains Sustainability
Waste Wizard Banners v1-05-1

renewable calc imageCalculate Your Cost To Go 100% Renewable!


Offsetting your annual electricity use with renewable energy is possible through Holy Cross Energy's Renewable Purchasing Program! Purchasing renewable energy to offset your usage requires a small premium on your monthly energy bill. Calculate exactly how much it will cost you to go 100% renewable energy using our new calculator!


Go 100% Renewable Today!