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A nervous system for our planet

We are proud of the significant hurdles we’ve conquered together with our partners and customers. Our solution will change the way the world works in unbelievable ways. A sensor solution that is simple to use, quick to deploy, easy on the eye and costs a fraction of previous sensor systems is now available to everyone. Organisations are already experiencing the benefits of operational efficiency, sustainability and people focus. We believe it’s time to start sharing these stories that makes us so proud. Stay tuned for updates on how our tiny sensors are making a big impact in industries like healthcare, real estate, energy, retail and farming. Check out where you can meet us at our next event and possibly get inspired by a new idea that can make your operation a whole lot smarter too.


Small but mighty revolution

Last week we began the celebration a major milestone as we proudly announced broad market availability of our sensors. Together with our partner ecosystem we can now provide tailor-made end-to-end solutions across healthcare, energy/grid, real estate and farming.  Right now, our industrial mini-sensors are delivering over 3 million insights a day, and this is only the beginning. From now one, anyone can start their sensing revolution.

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Introducing Disruptor MeetUps

Coffee anyone?

What if you could learn directly from users already changing mission-critical operations with sensing technology? We would like to invite you to our Disruptor MeetUps. Two hours of awesome people,  IoT game-changer insights, nice food & coffee (or even cocktails depending on the hour:-)). See event calendar for upcoming event info.


Fresh vegetable aisle with an overlay stating a temperature measurement meaning fridge status is OK

The world evolves at the speed of insight

Since we began sending our pilot kits to the market, customers have discovered the benefits of our wireless sensors. From a major U.K. supermarket chain to the British NHS, the benefits are tangible and create value to the tune of billions of pounds.

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An abstracted night cityscape with mocked digital info overlaid

How cold is our beer?

Sensors are the nerve-endings of a building’s central nervous system that provide the data needed in the building’s heart, and DT receives a welcome and heartfelt shoutout in this riveting article about sensors in PropTech. 

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A blue 3D printed plastic doorbell holds a touch sensor

Digital fabrication enters the mix

Our little sensors are being used in a variety of contexts and industries. Different use cases have different issues and needs, that’s why we are creating 3D-printed accessories that cater to specific installations, topics and ideas.

Check out our Thingiverse account to design, create, and share simple accessories that add real value to your sensor installation.

New ideas and designs are ALWAYS welcome, if you have something you wish to share, send your input to

Gloved hand holds medication with an overlay stating a temperature measurement meaning fridge status is OK

Smart sensor platform helps digitize the NHS, improving patient safety while reducing costs.

More time for patient care. When nurses don't have to check the temperature in medicine cabinets every hour, or storage rooms for mold or damp, they have more time for what really matters. When vaccines and medicines are monitored continuously, they do not get compromised. Infogrid improves mission-critical healthcare operations. Their smart-sensor platform helps digitize the NHS, improve patient safety, and reduce costs.

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Sixteen Disruptive Technologies employees are cheering while wearing identical team sweaters

Hello from Oslo

There's not actually a dress code, but the Oslo office is generally well color-coordinated. In this photo they are wearing their Disruptive sweater celebrating our broad market availability.

The world smallest wireless sensor

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