Digital Accessibility.Digital accessibility is about designing and creating a content which can be used by everyone regardless of their cognitive and motor skills. People have diverse needs, skills and abilities and we need to take this into consideration when creating our content on the web. Accessibility is about inclusivity and making sure that no one is excluded. Digital accessibility is when everyone can equally perceive, navigate, interact and communicate with the content that is provided online or through digital tools. 

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Neurotalent Unlocked is an online learning platform on neurodiversity, offering strategy modules for individuals and awareness raising modules for managers. This platform was developed to offer secure, high quality and cost effective solutions for individuals and organisations, accessible from anywhere and on any device. Each module has been created by a team of psychologists. They include video-based content, real life scenarios as well as accompanying learning guides.

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A diverse and inclusive environment is one where you are confident that you can bring all your whole self to work and be treated equally with your peers. An environment where you will feel included and respected regardless of any “differences” you may have to those around you. These “differences” could be visible demographics like gender, race, age, a visible disability, but also, and less visible traits such as sexual orientation, personality type, background and education.


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The FocusBand is a wearable brain training device with three sensors that are placed on your head to measure your brain activity. The Bioprene headset & the woven sensors are perspiration tolerant and the measured data is displayed on a mobile for effortless brain training to a calmer state of mind.

While wearing the FocusBand, you let your brain convert the audio and visual feedback from the avatar for you. You begin by sitting and experiencing the process and let the brain do its thing. Shortly you’ll notice you can easily change your state of mind to your desired state using the audio and visual feedback. This is Neurofeedback – the training of the brain.

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