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Spotlight on Power BI User Groups

The Calgary Power BI, PowerApps & Flow User Group said "it is the willingness of people...they want to share with the world". And a similar sentiment is shared across the pond by the Galway Power BI User Group, where "it’s the members themselves which makes our group a success...questions are always most welcome!" 


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Looking for resources to expand Power BI adoption across your organization?

Properly set up the use of Power BI within your organization using this step-by-step tutorial report - a short training in which the possible interactions of a Power BI report are explained, ideal for users who only consume reports.

Check out this free-to-use Power BI tutorial report courtesy of PowerBIUG member Stephan de Jong.


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Power BI in the Real World: a 2-Part Webinar Series

A new, two-part webinar series for New Business Users starts this March. While part one of the series provides the traditional Power BI topic in theory, part two focuses on the application of these Power BI theories in real world organizations, facing everyday challenges and limitations. Learn more and join the discussion.


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The Skinny on What's New in Power BI Embedded with Microsoft Product Team Member: Alon Baram

View our recent interview with Microsoft Product Manager and Power Series Speaker, Alon Baram, to learn about Power BI Embedded and his upcoming session, Deep Dive into Power BI Embedded, happening in Amsterdam this March. He shares about what's new - best practices for multi-tenancy, easier to create app-only authentication, and more - including what assets help drive future service planning. Read it here.


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Be the master of your BI domain

Looking to understand the trends and outliers in your business to make informed decisions that result in success? Turn data into knowledge and help drive your business, providing insights for better business decisions with the Power BI Black Belt Training Program - a structured, four-course series that allows you the convenience of learning at your pace. Learn more and register.


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