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In these first months of 2019, we have seen an interesting dichotomy, we see a tight labor market in which employers are having a difficult time filling some roles. In contrast, we also see many capable candidates in transition and not able to land a new job. 

Are you an organization with the need to hire, engage and develop talent?  Or, are you passively or actively looking for a new job?  Or . . . are you both?

However you answered the questions, in this issue of the Talent Insider we have two articles that have timely application –

And, we highlight the benefits “flexibility trend” in our Talent Horizon section and provide information on Search in High Definition.

We also have some photos from our Talent Insider: Moonshot Leadership tour through Atlanta, Chicago and Dallas – thank you Colleen, and the CMP team for hosting such powerful events!


Predicting Fit: Aligning Talent Systems Part 1

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Finding Jobs Online: Winning the ATS Challenge

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Moonshot Leadership


Colleen took Leaders in Dallas, Chicago, and Atlanta down a journey on leadership lessons learned and operating principles to fuel growth that apply to all leaders in corporate and nonprofit organizations.

  • Key Principles of Growth & Operating
  • Forming 360 Degree Partnerships
  • Building a Great Brand that engages employees & communities
  • Developing Talent and Mobilizing Others 

Search in High Definition

Taking Recruitment to the Next Level


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The Talent Horizon

"It's not the tools you have faith in. Tools are just tools -- they work or they don't work. It's the people you have faith in or not .  --Steve Jobs

Talent Trend: Wages, Benefits & Flexibility 

The 'Monday-Friday 9-5 job for life' has moved on and much of the jobs growth over the last 10-15 years has occurred in non-traditional, alternative ways of working. Now more than ever, workers have a choice of where, how and when they want to work. They are working longer, learning more and seeking a better balance between work and home.

This tough labor market will see more employers turning to wages and other creative benefits, from childcare facilities to unlimited PTO or flexible schedules to attract people with the right skills. 

Not everyone wants to engage as a full-time employee and businesses don't always want that either; employers who understand and value this trend will create a talent plan that engages all those workers.

Survey question Is your organization creating a talent plan to attract and retain the right talent? Response

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Maryanne Piña-Frodsham, CEO 


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