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VDS can help tailor Audio Post Production Solutions
to fit your clients' needs

With Avid ACSRs on staff and a sales team highly knowledgeable on Avid workflows, we have partnered with major manufacturers like HPi, HPE, Dell and Lenovo to provide Avid qualified workstation and server hardware configurations in support of Avid environments.

  • Overcome inefficiency by recording, editing, and mixing easily with Pro Tools and Avid integrated control surfaces 
  • Create immersive multi-channel surround mixes, from stereo on up to Dolby Atmos and full-sphere Ambisonics
  • Beat the time crunch by launching HD video right in Pro Tools and syncing Media Composer sequences with your session
  • Get the flexibility you need to manipulate a variety of recorded sound using plugins, elastic audio, Clip Effects, fades, etc.
  • Manage massive volumes of media efficiently with powerful DSP systems and control surfaces
  • Accelerate complex tasks with advanced automation, snapshot recall, and precision hands-on control
  • Adapt quickly to ever-changing needs with custom mixing surface layouts and window configurations
  • Streamline disconnected workflows by sharing media and collaborating with your team remotely
  • Find voice over talent and other creatives to collaborate with using the free Avid Link app

Gigantic Studios Audio Post Workflow
Using Avid


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Avid Pro Tools Qualified Workstations

VDS works with Avid engineers and product specialist to provide you with Avid HP, Dell, and Apple Workstations. We stock Avid’s tested and qualified standard HP Z4 and Z8 Configuration, plus have the capabilities to customize any workstations to meet your client’s specific need for their Avid environment.

HP Inc HP Z4 G4 Workstation, 1x Intel W2145 3.7GHz BC, 32GB RAM, 512 GM SSD, P2000 5GB Video -> Capable of record and play back up to 128 simultaneous tracks with this CPU Power! 


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 HP Inc HP Z8 G4 Workstation, 2x Intel 5118 Xeon 2.3GHz 12C, 64GB RAM, 512GB SSD, P4000 8GB Video -> Capable of record and play back up to 256 simultaneous tracks with this CPU Power! 

Learn more about all of the Avid options available at Versatile Distribution Services by going to: www.VersatileDS.com  

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