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We've Launched Our Default Rehabilitation Services Nationwide

Giving Students an Important 2nd Chance

This February marks the official launch of our new default rehabilitation counseling program. It’s no coincidence that this addition to our Cohort Catalyst repayment support service comes as draft versions of cohort default rates (CDRs) are being released to schools nationwide. There’s no time like the present to understand the power of default rehabilitation to make a positive and lasting impact on your students, and when needed - your CDR.

In Fiscal Year 2018: Rehabilitated over $1.37 billion in student loansAs a student loan guarantor under FFELP, know that Ascendium™ (formerly Great Lakes®) has been providing default rehabilitation support for years. And frankly, we’re really good at it. Our service is unique, leading edge, and can drive student success to a whole new level. It’s especially important for schools with student stop-outs, as they’re the borrowers who are the most likely to default. With rehabilitation, you can open the door to re-enrollment and restore access to Title IV aid.

Check out our blog post, Default Rehabilitation: A First Step At A Second Chance. You’ll meet our Call Center Manager, Brendan Shaughnessy, and get some great insight into the world of default rehabilitation. As a higher education professional I know you’ll appreciate this easy-to-consume, practical insight from a real expert.

You won't want to miss our blog post next week about the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse and how they're striving for a 0% CDR. Yes, you read that right. Terry Mick, Loan Programs Coordinator and her team believe one student in default is one too many. And they're using our default rehab service to help them achieve their goals.3 Types Default Prevention Pricing: fee per borrower per month, flat annual fee, performance-based

In closing I want to highlight our Default Prevention Pricing Guide. This new resource and the accompanying blog post provide great information for financial aid administrators, procurement managers, and student services leadership that are seeking or thinking about a repayment support partnership. We cut to the chase and provide the details you need to understand the various options that default management companies offer. I’m sure you’ll appreciate the “aha” findings.

Beth Erickson

Vice President Repayment Solutions

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SmartSessions™–Keeping You Informed

Thousands of Financial Aid Professionals rely on SmartSessions to enhance their skills and aid in professional and personal growth. Check out News & Events to find the latest trainings available to lower your CDR, learn about default rehab, strengthen your team, and more! smart sessionsHere's a sneak peak at a few upcoming, popular, sessions:

attention-iconFor the next few months registration will continue to go through the Great Lakes website. Once we move the registration to its new home, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Meet You At a Spring Conference

flower-iconAttigo representatives look forward to meeting you at a Spring conference. We're excited to talk about your student success initiatives and to introduce our default rehab service, now available nationwide. And, for the Attigo reps who've been experiencing the cold and snowy weather, a conference in a warmer location... well, it's an added bonus!

  • 3/5-7: California Community Colleges Student Financial Aid Administrators
  • 3/18-20: Illinois Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
  • 4/3-5: Wisconsin Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
  • 5/5-8: Eastern Association of Financial Aid Administrators
  • 5/8-10: Minnesota Association of Financial Aid Administrators
  • 5/20-23: Western Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
  • 5/21-24: Florida Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators

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