Apparently they were a thing back in the day, and Ashley Gyman recently began a social media drool fest over his. Once upon a time, a company in Minnesota transformed brand new ’99 Quad ... Read More >>

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Dry-Sump, HEUI-Injected 7.3L Built for the Street

Rare, no-expense spared engine builds always intrigue us, but seeing a 7.3L Power Stroke put together for street use with a dry sump oil system ... Read More >>

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2020 Super Duty Poised to Lead the Pack

Ford appears to have answered Ram’s 1,000 lb-ft headlines with a bombshell of its own. The big news? The 2020 Super Duty will offer a third ... Read More >>

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43,000 GCWR: 2019 Ram Cab & Chassis

Making the rounds at all the winter auto shows, Ram has made it clear that its cab & chassis trucks are commercial grade in every way. You can’t ... Read More >>

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Toyota Quells Rumor of Diesel-Powered 4Runner in U.S.

It took very little time for perceptive automotive journalists at CarBuzz to zero in on what turned out to be an interesting editing miscue on ... Read More >>

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’78 Ford King Ranch in the Works

Thanks to its durability, affordability, and performance potential, the 6.7L Power Stroke is slowly becoming a justifiable swap engine. And let’s face ... Read More >>

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Diesel Heist: Man Steals 1,600 Gallons of Fuel from Dallas Area Gas Station

You may have heard of pump ‘n run, but this takes it to a whole new level. After parking his third-gen ... Read More >>

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