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Directors Address: A note from one of our Directors, Alan Hadley.

I was recently on a flight back from Adelaide and was sitting next to a young entrepreneur who was in their second year of running their own business. They were full of energy and very excited about the opportunities ahead. We got chatting and as is often the case, the conversation got around to the question on the secrets to growing a successful business.

Whilst there is no one magical answer to this question, I picked what I felt was the most important piece of advice.

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Project News

Carpet Court new brand national roll out

We have begun the national roll out for our new client Carpet Court, updating their 200 store network with the latest branding. The roll out is expected to finish by the end of the year. Stay tuned for updates as the project progresses. 

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Project News

Europcar Digital Signage at Brisbane Airport

As the digital signage trend is ever developing, we are being approached more and more by clients who would like to modernise their static signage and upgrade to digital. Europcar were after a form of signage to display multiple messages to customers at their Brisbane Airport domestic terminal car park location, instead of their static signage showing just their logo.

See Europcar Digital Case Study Here


3 Questions To Ask Before You Consider Digital Signage: 

Digital signage is exciting. It's a thrill to see your vision come to life on a bright display at a place for everyone to see. However, before you even think about digital signage, you need to ask yourself a few questions.

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Ask The Board: The Effects Of Big Players Entering The Industry 

Content here: This week’s question is answered by members of the DSE Advisory Board Industry Consultants Council. The question is: "What effects do you see from players like Google and Adobe entering the digital signage arena?"

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How Programmatic DOOH (Digital Out of Home Signage) Can Extend The Reach And Impact Of Mobile Ad Campaigns: 

Marketers and advertisers are always seeking the Holy Grail – delivering the right ad to the right audience at the right moment. Today, technology advancements in digital out of home (DOOH), mobile, and programmatic are converging to finally bring us within reach of that goal – translating to a more enjoyable ad experience for the consumer, better results and more meaningful data for advertisers, and more efficiency and profitability for publishers. 

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Gadget's Corner

All the latest technology curated for you by SignManager


Mini Bluetooth Speaker:  

This little speaker is conveniently small but able to release crystal clear sound with impressive bass and room-filling loudness through a high-performance driver and a passive sub-woofer. 

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Moleskin Plain Paper Tablet:  

It's got the looks of a classic black Moleskine notebook, but the notes you jot down with the smart stylus will be sent to your device via Bluetooth so you can share and edit them digitally.

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Waterproof MP3 Player Swim Headphones:  

Submersible flexible wrap-around headphones to use while you swim, these headphones are designed for long-period use in the water.  

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