We have really amazing news to share about our new maximum group size for all tours starting in July 2019!
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Big News About Smaller Groups!
New Maximum Group Size: 30 Travelers

We have really amazing news to share! We know that the size of a tour group is very important to you. Last year, a smarTours adventure averaged 23 travelers, but our most popular tours had a maximum group size of 40. We’re excited to announce that we are decreasing the maximum group size of all tours to JUST 30 TRAVELERS starting with July 2019 departures.

Other companies charge a significant premium for a smaller group experience, but we are making this change without increasing our current prices. Simply stated, our standard smarTours packages and pricing will have the smallest group sizes among the leaders in affordable group travel.

What Other Leading Group Travel Companies Say About Their Tour Group Sizes
“Escorted tours feature groups of 24-42 travelers”
“Groups may be larger than our small group tours, but no more than 37”
“You’ll find an average of 40 to 45 guests on trips”
“Most of our land journeys average 35 to 44 guests”
smarTours Maximum of 30 travelers. Period.

We believe our new “smart-sized” groups deliver the most dynamic group interaction and ease of travel, as well as the best price.

All tours are not created equal. Be sure you know what to expect when you compare prices and book group travel. With our already-competitive pricing and our new smart-sized groups, we believe smarTours is the smarter way to see the world!

We look forward to traveling with you soon!

The smarTours Team

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Terms & Conditions: Maximimum group size does not apply to custom group tours. All tour group quotes from leading group travel companies collected from company websites on 2/6/19.
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