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With the economy at full-employment and the work force gaining, the war for talent continues is as fierce as ever.  Like you, all our clients are looking for strategic and tactical advantages – including how they predict and select talent smarter, and engage a broader diverse population.  To support your related efforts, in this edition of the Talent Insider we offer you:

  • The Talent Assessment Advantage – our newly released eBook that operates as your guide to leverage assessment to predict fit and develop performance.  This is a free resource.
  • Diversity: From Social Justice to Business Imperative – diversity in the workplace is both right and necessary for your company success.  But it can and will cause division not complimented by these there critical inclusive behaviors.

In this issue we also provide information on our Moonshot Leadership events in Chicago and Atlanta (the Dallas area events were fantastic!), Pat’s presentation at the Atlanta NAAAHR event, and our Talent Horizon trend of the month. 

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Talent Assessment Advantage 

Your Guide for Leveraging Assessment to Predict Fit and Develop Performance

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Diversity: From Social Justice to Business Imperative

3 Inclusive Behaviors to Make Diversity Work

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CMP is a talent and transition firm in the business of developing people and organizations across the full talent life cycle - from executive search and leadership development to deep assessment, coaching, and career transition support.Beyond what we do, "Moonshot Leadership is connected to our "why." CMP exists to positively impact the individuals and communities we serve. Partnering with Colleen T. Brinkmann to document her story and share her learning in "Moonshot Leadership" has been an honor.

Colleen will continue to take Leaders down a journey on leadership lessons learned and operating principles to fuel growth that apply to all leaders in corporate and nonprofit organizations.
  • Key Principles of Growth & Operating
  • Forming 360 Degree Partnerships
  • Building a Great Brand that engages employees & communities
  • Developing Talent and Mobilizing Others
Colleen’s story will provide an inside look at the rise and sustained success of NTFB, highlighting key lessons and insights on how to reach for the moon against all odds. 

 We're continuing Moonshot Treks in Chicago and Atlanta.

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Patrick Lynch Speaks at The Atlanta NAAAHR Chapter Meeting

Pat AI presentation

Patrick Lynch presented “Artificial Intelligence: How It Will Impact HR Today And In The Future to the Atlanta chapter of NAAAHR (National Association of African Americans in HR). In his presentation, Patrick talked about how HR tech will revolutionize the world of work for all HR professionals and how a new class of new collar employees (deep skills but without a four-year college degree) will create a whole new talent acquisition opportunity for HR leaders.



The Talent Horizon

"Computers are useless. They can only give you the answers" -Pablo Picasso 

Talent Trend: Skills-based Recruiting   

What does Google, Bank of America, Nordstrom, Hilton and Chipotle have in common? They're hiring candidates without a college degree as a requirement and focusing on Skills-based hiring. 

Skills-based Hiring is not just a talent management fad it's the future of human resources . In CMP's 2018 Future of Work OI Global Research Study, most talent managers said that the most significant people challenge was hiring new talent. 

In resume-based recruiting, talent managers do assess skills—they just do so later in the process. As
a result, they often waste time interviewing candidates who are not well suited for the job.

Skills-based recruiting consists of nothing more than matching skills to hiring needs. For it to work, your organization needs to pursue all of the information required to assess the match between candidate skills and job requirements.

Survey question , is your organization ready to set specific skills and competency requirements for a job rather than rely solely on candidates' credentials? Survey

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Maryanne Piña-Frodsham, CEO 


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