Product Notice #0352

Product Notice

WebRTC Bug Fixed in Google Chrome 72

Subsequent to the publication of Product Notice #0351, which was sent by AudioCodes on 25 January 2019, Google has fixed the bug in their Chrome 72 beta version that adversely affected WebRTC functionality on AudioCodes Session Border Controllers (SBC) when using Chrome 72.

Therefore, the instructions in Product Notice #0351 on how to resolve this WebRTC bug issue (software upgrade or message manipulation rules) should be ignored (although upgrading the SBC is always recommended to benefit from the latest SBC features).

Effective Date


Affected Products

  • Mediant 500L MSBR
  • Mediant 500 MSBR
  • Mediant 800 MSBR
  • Mediant 800 Gateway and SBC
  • Mediant 2600 E-SBC
  • Mediant 4000 SBC
  • Mediant 9000/9030/9080 SBC
  • Mediant Software SBC

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