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The Benefits of Buying USA Made Wood Products from OP

 The Benefits of Buying USA Made Wood Products from OP

Hello Valued Customer,

Oak Pointe, LLC, is proud to provide top quality products to customers all across the United States. Our craftsmen are some of the best in the business; their expertise gives us the ability to create the industry’s finest stair components and other millwork.

ALL Oak Pointe Wood Products Proudly Made in the USA.

Here are the top 7 Benefits of buying USA-Made wood components from Oak Pointe!

1. Quality of Products – All Oak Pointe Box Newels are handcrafted utilizing solid boards (no veneers) with lock miter joints and true stile and rail construction. You get crisp, clean joinery with all face grain profiles profiles and all wood products undergo extensive sanding to minimize preparation required before finishing.

2. Flexibility to Create a Custom Piece! – Oak Pointe continues to inspire customers to create custom designs; if you can dream it, we can make it.

3. Variety – Oak Pointe has the largest selection of standard stair parts in the industry. By domestically manufacturing their parts, Oak Pointe can modify most any standard design and do it quickly.

4. Standard and Exotic Wood Species – Located in the heart of Appalachia, our Newcomerstown, Ohio plant has access to the finest wood species grown in the United States. Oak Pointe expands its wood species offerings by obtaining many exotic species grown abroad, while all finished products are crafted in Ohio.

5. Matching Millwork – Oak Pointe can match other millwork components such as table legs or island and fireplace columns with your stair components

6. Any Quantity – Oak Pointe will gladly handle any order size. Need one or thousands of a custom or standard part? We can help you!

7. Avoid Government Tariffs – In our ever-changing economy, tariffs and surcharges can leave product prices in limbo. Buying American-made products provides price stability.

What does this mean for you? When you work with Oak Pointe, we guarantee exceptional American quality, quick turn-around time on orders, custom products, and extraordinary customer service!

Modern Metal Price Comparison Guide

Modern Metal Made Easy Price Comparison Guide

Understanding pricing can be complicated. As we implement new tools to help with quoting, such as our newly-released Modern Metal and Linear Metal Panel Checklists, we know that it’s helpful for our customers to see pricing examples.
Expanding the Iron Baluster Line

Expanding the Iron Baluster Line

Oak Pointe offers a wide variety of imported Solid Iron (European) balusters along with our NEW line of Hollow Iron (Pacific) balusters. Our eye-catching designs combined with a wide variety of elegant colors can create staircase masterpieces for architects, designers, and home builders.

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Wood Species offered by Oak Pointe

Select Your Wood Species Today for Your Next Project!

All wood products featured in our extensive collections, as well as your custom designs, can be produced from one of our 12 standard wood species, such as Alder, American Cherry and Red and White Oak. Upon request, we can quote a variety of specialty woods species including Acacia, Red Elm, Tigerwood, and a variety of Birch. Don’t see a specialty wood you would like quoted? Contact our experts today to find the exact wood species to fit your requirements.

Replication and Duplication

Renovation, Restoration, & Replication

Are you working on restoring or renovating an old home or office space? Do you need replacement parts? Or do you want to replicate an old style? Interior or Exterior?



Brian RossMeet Brian Ross, Oak Pointe's Newest Employee!

How long have you been working at Oak Pointe? Seven Months
What is your role at Oak Pointe? Plant Manager
What are three words you would use to describe Oak Pointe? Detailed, Conscientious, Improving
What do you like most about working at Oak Pointe? Our People
Do you have a favorite quote? Can’t is not a word!
Tell us a little bit about your family? Married to my best friend, three sons, 22, 21, & 7
What is your favorite sport? Powerlifting

Welcome Brain Ross to the OP Family

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