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Investor's corner

Over the past two quarters, AT&T's DirecTV Now offering has lost 626k subscribers. We show the MAU of its mobile app losing 510k people in that time, meaning most of of their subscribers also use the mobile app. Apptopia COO Jonathan Kay was pissed he didn't short AT&T's stock. As a FYI, Dish Network has not reported earnings yet and its Sling TV app is on the slide as well. Now, it did gain users at the end of Q3/beginning of Q4, but it's back to losing them again. 


Mediocre matching

Another major mobile game publisher tries its hand at the very lucrative match 3 style. Rovio globally launched its latest game, Angry Birds Dream Blast, leveraging its household name IP. Zynga was the latest major publisher to try out a match 3 game with its launch of Wonka's World of Candy. On slightly less downloads, Zynga was able to pull in slightly more revenue (about $50k) in its first 10 days global launch than Rovio. It's definitely unfair to compare these two new entrants to the king of match 3 games, Candy Crush Saga... but we'll do it anyway. In December 2018 alone, it effortlessly withdrew an astounding $45M in from its players coffers. 

New Posts:

1. Zynga set to recoup its $100M investment

Zynga monetized Peak Games' casual card game more efficiently than Peak, and is set to recoup its $100M acquisition cost before the midpoint of this year. That being said, Peak Games has significantly improved monetization of its match 3 games since the sale.


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  3. Investing app Acorns nabbed $105 million in funding
  4. Home improvement platform Houzz lays off 180, gears up for public listing

Somewhat Mobile:

The best podcast to listen to for people. If you're a person, man this is definitely for you. It's possibly more enjoyable if you work with mobile apps. Hard to tell.

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