Product Notice #0349

Product Notice

OVOC Server and AudioCodes Floating License Service Connection SSL Update

Customers using the OVOC server as a floating license manager are required to update the server certificate that is used to authenticate the connection between OVOC and the AudioCodes Floating License Service platform. This action is mandatory for reestablishing connection with this service.

The server certificate used by AudioCodes Floating License Service has been updated and as a result, a new server certificate must be installed on the OVOC server. There are no security issues with the current certificate installation; however, installing the new certificate is mandatory for the Floating License Service to resume its operation. OVOC floating license users are therefore requested to perform this update as soon as possible (no later than three weeks following the publication date of this Product Notice).

Note that if you are unable to perform this operation within the specified time range, the SBC operation will be adversely affected. In case you need any assistance with this operation, contact AudioCodes support.

Effective Date


Affected Products

OVOC Version 7.4.3000 and later

Affected Products

To replace the server certificate, do the following:

  • Open your SFTP/SCP application such as WinSCP or FileZilla.
  • Log in as 'acems' user and enter the acems password (all files transferred to the OVOC server host machine are then by default saved to /home/acems directory).
  • Download the file from to the OVOC server.
  • Log in to the OVOC server through SSH as 'acems' user and enter the acems password.
  • Switch to the 'root' user, and then enter the root password: su - root
  • Change directory: cd /home/acems/
  • Unzip the file: unzip
  • Change directory to the unzipped folder replaceCLMcert: cd replaceCLMcert
  • Run the following script: ./

For more information on logging onto the OVOC server platform, refer to the OVOC Server IOM manual.


  • At the end of the script, the Floating License Server process will be stopped and this process will be restarted after three minutes.
  • Five minutes after the script has completed running, verify the Floating License status in the OVOC GUI. If the status is not displayed as "Active", then manually register with the Floating License service. For more information, refer to the OVOC User’s Manual.
  • For Customers who have successfully registered with the service, any alarms or statuses regarding Usage Report Failure that were raised during the period when the connection with the service was down, will only be cleared the next time that the OVOC server reports to the Floating License server (within 12 hours from the time of successful registration).

OVOC Version 7.6.1000 that is planned to be released in March 2019, will include the new server certificate as part of the installation package.

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