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Happy Monday! Hope 2019 is starting off well for you and your organisation.

Thrilled to be sharing with you a couple of product updates from our team.


Range Scanning for Off-The-Shelf Labels 

Remember we launched Off-The-Shelf Labels last November?

We have since introduced a new scanning method where you can now scan and activate either an entire reel, or parts of the reel, with just two scans. Range Scanning will help save your team time and prevent human error. Additionally, Range Scanning is compatible with all of our other standard ScanTrust Enterprise (STE) App functions like assigning a product or associating Supply Chain Management (SCM) information.

Get in touch with your ScanTrust Customer Success Manager if you have questions about integrating Range Scanning into your Custom Label workflow.


ScanTrust Consumer (STC) Landing Page Builder

Did you know that you can build and maintain your own branded landing pages directly from within the ScanTrust Portal?

Create a customized STC with the STC Configurator by simply choosing the individual pages you want to include from a Page Gallery. You are able to choose from a variety of options, including Results Page, SCM Track & Trace Page, Product Description Page, and Promotion Page, just to name a few.  

You can find the STC Configurator by clicking the Campaign "Option Panel" icon of the Campaign for which you wish to build the STC.

Did you know? All ScanTrust Landing Pages are optimised for mobile.


ScanTrust SmartLabel™ Configurator

Do you sell consumer products intended for the US market? Apply SmartLabel™ - an industry standard labelling initiative that consumers recognise and trust.

Enhance trust on your brand and increase consumer engagement by integrating the flexible SmartLabel™ labels showcasing in-depth product information such as ingredient definitions, sourcing practices, third-party certifications, etc.

You can find the SmartLabel™ configurator in your ScanTrust Portal by clicking the “SmartLabel Icon” of the Product for which you wish to configure a SmartLabel™ response. Once you enable the configurator, your consumers will be able to see the additional SmartLabel™ data after scanning the code.


Have Feedback or Questions about any of ScanTrust’s Features?

We welcome it! Feel free to reach out to your Customer Success Manager or hit 'REPLY' to this email and we will be sure to get back to you.


Amber Li

Marketing Manager