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U.S. Government workers turn to food stamps

Yesterday, the app 'Fresh EBT - Food Stamp Balance' had more downloads (53,000) than it has had since its launch in December 2015. This is no doubt due to furloughed workers turning to food stamps to help support their families during the government shutdown. Since the shutdown initiated, the app has been downloaded more than 630,000 times.


Squaring off for big business

Last week, Square launched a new SDK named Square In-App Payments. While the name is unoriginal and uninspiring, it is on-the-nose descriptive, and so we know what this baby does without reading further. This puts the company squarely (my puns will always be intended) in competition with Stripe and Braintree for big business like Uber or Grubhub. These incumbents already have a massive head start with thousands of apps on board as you can see below. Yes, we have the iOS numbers as well.

 Payment SDKs

      New Posts:

1. YouTube Music boosts revenue 94%

From 2017 to 2018, YouTube Music grew its in-app purchase revenue more than top players Spotify, Pandora and TIDAL. Amazon Music technically grew more but it did not offer in-app purchases for most of 2017. Spotify has been purposefully driving listeners away from in-app purchases and directing them to purchase via their website. 

2. Helix Jump led all mobile games in Q4 2018 with 25.6 million DAUs

We (mobile intelligence providers) almost always make our top charts about rank, downloads or IAP revenue. Every now and then I dip my toe into something different, like top apps by user retention percentage... not as sexy but I like to believe the hardcore mobile industry junkies enjoyed it.


  1. American Express acquires Japan’s Pocket Concierge
  2. Jam City Raises $145 Million for Mobile Game Acquisitions
  3. Playtika acquires casual card game developer Supertreat
  4. Houseparty Finally Has a Plan to Make Money

       Somewhat Mobile:

      The best podcast to listen to for people. If you're a person, man this is definitely for                      you. It's possibly more enjoyable if you work with mobile apps. Hard to tell.

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Do you want to be rich or do you want to be king?

  • What Netflix ditching the App Store means for Apple and the industry
  • How Jonathan views industry events as a vendor
  • Ketchup on hotdogs is not a mortal sin (sorry Chicago)

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