How AI And Machine Learning Enable Testing To Keep Up With IoT

The internet of things has penetrated every aspect of our lives, and it’s transforming how we test and develop software. With the IoT market projected to be worth $1,490.31 billion by 2024, this explosive growth is set to continue. 

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Performance in 2019 - Predictions

Given the speed with which technology is changing, DZone asked IT executives to share their predictions for the future of  performance in 2019. 

Antony Edwards weighs in with his predictions here.


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DevOps in 2019 (Part 3)

In 2019, automation comes to DevOps. See what else industry leaders are predicting, including predictions from Antony Edwards. 

Read article here.



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Event: Software Quality Days

15-18 January 2019

Vienna, Austria

Eggplant are sponsors at this year’s Software Quality Days Conference, which focuses on quality assurance and management for software engineering and information technology. We are exhibiting at booth 24. Max Gerrad, VP, Global Technical Services at Eggplant, will also be speaking on the topic, 'Optimize customer experience, save lives and beyond with Eggplant' on Jan 16.

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Event: Customer Experience in Telecom Global Summit

29-31 January 2019

London, United Kingdom

This year operators will gather to assess telecom limitations and seek out opportunities for customer experience and revenue growth through thinking outside of the box of standard offerings, common processes and customer service. Eggplant are sponsors at this event and will be exhibiting at booth number 10. 

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Knowing There's an Issue is Great - Understanding Why It's Happening is Better...

By George Kouvaras, Lead Data Scientist

One of the most popular features of the KPI Performance report in Real Customer Insights (RCI) is the “Start Analysis” button, also known as “what’s changed analysis". This feature addresses the missing element in any anomaly detection system – the isolation and identification of the root causes of anomalies. Read more


Effortless Performance Testing with Eggplant Performance 9.0

By Gareth Smith, Chief Technology Officer

Performance testing just got a lot easier. While delivering quality at scale is essential, simply setting up a performance test can be a challenging and time-consuming exercise, and then you need to analyze it. So, despite its importance, performance testing is not commonly used during development cycles. “Effortless Performance Testing” in Eggplant Performance 9.0 changes all that, with a simple-to-use load testing capability that re-uses your existing Eggplant AI assets. So you can now run performance load tests on your system with no technical knowledge and no coding. Read more.


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